Jessica Chastain & Eddie Redmayne Go For Bows and Buckles

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - OCTOBER 18: Jessica Chastain and Eddie Redmayne attend a screening of Netflix's...
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On Tuesday night in New York City, Eddie Redmayne and Jessica Chastain walked the red carpet together at the Paris Theater for a screening of their Netflix film, The Good Nurse, which begins streaming later this month. The pair were already quite acquainted as real-life friends long before they worked together on set, and their outfits are perfectly complimentary.

Chastain wore a short white dress by Carolina Herrera, with a skirt that ended just above the knee and an asymmetrical bodice made of oversized bows. She wore it with high-heeled black sandals and left her signature red hair down her back.

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Redmayne made a strong statement in a couture suit by Maison Margiela with a tuxedo cut jacket featuring some interesting details at the elbows that ended in a sharp point. He wore it over an open white button-down. The slacks were very loosely tailored, slouching over the tops of his leather dress shoes. Both pieces of the suit had visible stitches along the seams and creases.

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Together, they make a striking pair in black and white.

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The Good Nurse is a psychological thriller based the 2013 book by Charles Graeber, which tells the true story of a nurse named Amy Loughren who helped gather evidence against a fellow nurse names Charles Cullen by wearing a wire. Cullen was a prolific serial killer who was convicted of killing 29 patients in 2006, but is suspected of being responsible for far for deaths than that.

Redmayne and Chastain have been friends for some time, and the latter said in an interview that though she wanted to work with him, she was concerned it would change their dynamic.

At the Toronto International Film Festival, she said, “We've talked about wanting to work together for such a long time. Honestly I was a little nervous because sometimes you can really like someone and then you meet them on set and, especially if they're playing a complex character, all of a sudden their energy is different.”

She added, “And what was so lovely about working with Eddie is that he's always as lovely as you see him now. He doesn't change, except when action happens. Then it's a completely different energy. That's a huge gift because it doesn't torture the people around you when you're working. So I was really very, very grateful for that.”

That does sound nice, especially when your co-star is playing a serial killer.