Kanye West and Irina Shayk are Still in the “Will They or Won’t They?” Stage

They are reportedly “not officially dating” and “still getting acquainted.”

Side by side photos of Kanye West walking down the street and Irina Shayk posing on a red carpet
Photos by Pierre Suu/GC Images; Jose Perez/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

The beginning of any relationship is a complex ballet of wanting to fall blissfully in love, while trying to suss out if the other person feels the same way. It can be an uncomfortable but necessary process before you have the big commitment conversation. If the speculation is true, Kanye West and Irina Shayk’s burgeoning romance is in that fraught, will-they-won’t-they stage after coming home from a lavish birthday vacation in France. Let’s check in on the latest from these two stylish lovebirds.

According to People, West and Shayk haven’t made their relationship official. The pair are said to be “not officially dating, but there is an interest from both sides” — which, as the perpetually single among us can attest to, is code for “not deleting the dating apps.” In fact, West isn’t leaving Los Angeles anytime soon, and Shayk is equally planted in New York City with daughter Lea Cooper. For now, “they will date long distance,” said a source. “[West’s] kids live in LA. He is very focused on business in LA too.” But in a hopeful sign for their love, West reportedly “likes spending time with Irina though and plans to see her soon again.”

Page Six echoes that sentiment, throwing a splash cold of water on notions of commitment. “They’re still getting acquainted,” a source said, “but the spark is definitely there, and Kanye likes where things are headed.” Shayk, for her part, is a “very hands-on mother” and is balancing her dating life with parenthood. Their relationship is said to be “very casual and laid-back,” which is the kind of ambiguousness that leaves us staying up all night trying to decipher Instagram Stories from our crush.

Meanwhile, Shayk is continuing to do her thing in NYC sans West. Another Page Six report says that she dined with friends in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, because it’s good to prove that you are totally effortlessly cool and social and have a very busy life and totally don’t need to send them six texts before noon. Is Shayk just not that into him? Time will tell, although we are taking cues from her casual, healthy independence as we scout out love of our own.