Kim Cattrall’s Emily in Paris Premiere Appearance Fuels Cameo Rumors

Darren Star and Kim Cattrall attendthe "Emily In Paris" season 3 world premiere.
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Samantha Jones, famously, is a try-sexual—she’ll try anything once. Does that include trying her hand at meeting up with the cast of Emily in Paris? Rumors that Kim Cattrall might make a cameo in Netflix’s mega-hit have been circulating for months among fans. Still, it makes sense, since Emily was created by Darren Star, the original creator of HBO’s Sex and the City. (It’s worth noting that neither Cattrall nor Star are involved in the recent And Just Like That... reboot, but are still on good terms with each other.)

Whatever the case, Cattrall certainly sent tongues wagging when she made a surprise appearance at the season three premiere of Emily in Paris (held in Paris, naturally,) on Tuesday night. Cattrall, wearing an elaborate hat with a black jumpsuit, didn’t stop to chat with press. But Star, who posed for photos with Cattrall, managed to both dissuade and encourage the rumors while talking with Variety.

“It’s a wonderful idea,” Star said of the rumored casting. “Not at the moment, but it would be so much fun to see that happening.” Variety writer Elsa Keslassy tweeted that, “while it didn’t work out for this season, who knows what the future holds!”

Netflix has already renewed Emily for a fourth season, so there’s still time.

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“Thanks @starmandarren and @netflix for such a fun opening in Paris with ‘Emily in Paris,’” wrote Cattrall on Instagram.

While technically still alive in the Sex and the City universe, Cattrall’s Samantha character has remained offscreen, with the actress vowing to never return. Canonically, Jones currently lives in London, just a short train ride from Paris. Considering both Emily and Samantha work in PR, there could be an easy excuse for a campy crossover. Perhaps they could even convince TV’s other great fashion publicist, Absolutely Fabulous’s Edina Monsoon, to join up too.

Granted, we’re not entertainment lawyers. While Star created the Samantha character, we’re not entirely sure he can just move her over to a rival show. Still, the idea of Cattrall appearing on Emily as any character, even just for a quick cameo, would be quite something. But as yesterday’s fake rumors about The Holiday 2 remind us, we shouldn’t believe everything we read on the Internet.