Wait, Is Kim Kardashian West's 'Saturday Night Live' Debut Actually Going to Be Good?

Kim Kardashian West SNL
YouTube/Saturday Night Live

From your aunt on Facebook to Debra Messing, everyone seems to have an opinion about Kim Kardashian West getting tapped to host this week’s Saturday Night Live. Of course, everyone has opinions on most of the things Kim does in life, but it seems the immense publicity and notoriety around the cultural staple that is the SNL host has left some feeling like the reality star may not be up for the challenge, or even worthy of it. But, as Kim’s big night approaches, and we learn more and more about what her episode could entail, it seems the tide of public opinion is slowly turning and the possibility is arising that Kim may actually be good.

It’s not like she has that much to compete against. These days, some Saturday Night Live episodes come and go without much notice, begging the question, “If an SNL episode airs and no one shares a clip on Twitter, did it really happen?” Well, there’s no doubt Kim’s clips will be posted on Twitter—she’s Kim Kardashian for goodness sake. There will be gifs and memes galore made from her various costumes and accents. So, if that’s how a successful SNL gig is measured, she has nothing to worry about.

Kardashian herself made a good point about her hosting potential in one of her promos for her upcoming show. In the clip, Cecily Strong asks Kim, “So Kim, are you nervous about doing sketch comedy?” Kim looks at Cecily confused. “Why, I don’t have to write sketches, do I?” she asks, to which Cecily confirms that she isn’t writing the sketches. “Memorize lines?” Kim asks, and Halsey, this week’s musical guest, reminds her that no, there will be cue cards for her to read. “Everyone else won’t look as good as me, will they?” Kim asks and both other women agree they will not. “This is so easy,” Kim concludes, and she’s really not wrong. Kim has been in front of cameras for the better portion of her life. So, yes, she will have to be able to loosen up a little to get a bit goofy, but she’s a professional, and she knows what she signed up for. Kim has embarrassed herself many times before by being awkward in interviews and at events—Never forget when Prince literally had to kick Kim off the stage because her dancing was so horrible— it’s hard to imagine she would put herself through something like that again and agree to the gig without being sure she could pull it off.

And as for looking better than everyone else...well, Kim may have a point. The beauty mogul has been serving looks for a while, but her recent Balenciaga-binge has been especially fun to watch. Throughout the week, as Kim has stepped out in NYC to head to the SNL studio, she has worn many different eye-catching looks, most of them dramatically monochrome. In the various promos for the show, the loyalty to Balenciaga has continued, meaning one can expect her to be wearing the brand on Saturday night. Plus, there are rumors that Kanye West is currently in New York, helping Kim out with the gig. According to Page Six, Kanye is “quietly advising her on her performance, her opening monologue,” and, possibly most appropriately, “even her costumes for the show.” Considering that much of the SNL cast these days has one foot (or in Bowen Yang’s case, silver gogo boot) in the world of fashion, a Balenciaga moment including the whole cast could be a fun way for Kim to add her own touch to the show.

But Kanye isn’t the only person reportedly helping Kim. According to TMZ, she has Dave Chappelle, Michelle Wolf, Ellen DeGeneres, Amy Schumer, and James Corden in her back pocket as well. Basically she has everything going for her when it comes to Saturday’s show and considering the buzz around the episode, it wouldn’t be surprising if this week was more watched than say, last week’s episode starring Owen Wilson that seriously passed by without too much of a peep in the night. Plus, if she gets nervous she can no doubt look into the live audience and find her mom, Kris Jenner, screaming, “You’re doing amazing sweetie.” Though at this point, she may not even need that.