Diana Speaks! Kristen Stewart Says More Than Two Words in the Latest “Spencer” Trailer

Kristen Stewart as Diana
Courtesy of Neon Films

After debuting a teaser trailer last month that left a lot of exposition to be desired, Neon Films has finally released a full-length look at Kristen Stewart in the upcoming Princess Diana biopic, Spencer. This time around, Stewart utters more than just two words as she struggles to make it through the holidays with her in-laws.

In the new trailer, which is over two minutes in length, we see Diana arrive late to Sandringham Estate where she is to spend Christmas with the rest of the royals. The year is 1991, and her relationship with Prince Charles has been shrouded by rumors of affairs and the possibility of divorce and Diana doesn’t seem too happy to spend the next few days with the Prince and his family.

Despite encouragement from her dresser, played by Sally Hawkins, Diana struggles to keep on a happy face throughout the weekend and even her kids pick up on their mother’s low mood. “Mommy, what’s happened to make you so sad?” asks a young Prince William. Diana’s mental state seems to continue to deteriorate throughout the next few days, as she is mobbed by paparazzi, gets a failed pep talk from her husband, and finds a few moments of solace with her children. The two minutes end with Diana ominously asking, “Will they kill me, do you think?”

The new trailer provides our first real look at Stewart in the highly-anticipated role, as buzz around the film continues to grow following its debut earlier this month at the Venice Film Festival. Some are even calling the movie the actress’ ticket to clinch the Best Actress Oscar. It seems like being visited by the ghost of Diana could have really paid off for Stewart.