Kristen Stewart Will Star in Her Fiancé Dylan Meyer’s Next TV Show

Dylan Meyer and Kristen Stewart drinking coffees on a walk
Photo by LRNYC/MEGA/GC via Getty Images

While Kristen Stewart has technically been keeping busy promoting her new film Spencer, it’s seemed like she’s been just as bent on discussing the fact that she’s engaged to the screenwriter Dylan Meyer. This is no Jennifer Lopez-Ben Affleck situation: The 31-year-old Best Actress nominee is simply that stoked about taking their two-year relationship to the next level.

“I love being engaged,” Stewart said in her 2022 Hollywood Portfolio feaure in Vanity Fair, apparently smiling. “It’s different.… I just feel so happy and lucky.” It turns out the pair is working on a TV show, and Stewart didn’t take the decision to make things even more professional by starring in it lightly. “You don’t want that to affect this beautiful relationship you have,” she said. At the rate things are going, Stewart needn’t have worried: Their collaboration couldn’t be going better. They wrote the first episode in a week and a half, “like [they] discovered a superbrain.” Stewart chalks it up to Meyer: “She’s a really genuinely brilliant fucking screenwriter.”

Stewart didn’t give any update on their wedding date, but some wouldn’t be surprised if they’ve already tied the knot on the sly. “I’m so unceremonial,” she said during an appearance on the Late Show With Stephen Colbert last month. “We might just go do it this weekend or something, I don't know, and then, like, just hang out with everyone afterwards. I just want to do it, you know? I'm not a good planner. I can't make plans for dinner.” Noting Colbert’s reaction about her nonchalance, Stewart continued, “I like to pivot. You never know where I'm going, man. Come with me.” Invitation accepted: Who wouldn’t want to see Stewart carry out her plan to get married in Levi’s and a cropped tuxedo tee?