Unpacking Leonardo DiCaprio and Jeff Bezos’s Awkward Encounter

CANNES, FRANCE - MAY 22: Leonard DiCaprio attends the photocall for "Once Upon A Time In Hollywood" ...
Laurent KOFFEL/Gamma-Rapho/Getty Images

All the money in the world, and you still can’t buy that Leonardo DiCaprio je ne sais quoi. Yes, the internet was rapt this weekend when brief video footage of a meeting between DiCaprio, perhaps America’s most famous male movie star, and Jeff Bezos, the Amazon founder and America’s richest man, emerged. While DiCaprio managed to elude the celebrity (and Gucci) filled red carpet, he crossed paths with Bezos inside the Los Angeles County Museum of Art's Art+Film Gala, one of the biggest events on the SoCal social calendar.

What did the two talk about? Did DiCaprio, the famed eco-warrior manage to bend the Amazon honcho's ear about Amazon’s carbon footprint? We’re not entirely sure, and the clip in question mostly went viral because of the body language on display.

Bezos was with his partner Lauren Sánchez, and it's her body language that has caused so much commotion on the internet. A few seconds in the presence of DiCaprio and she’s left looking absolutely enchanted. Apparently, you don’t need to spend billions of dollars to launch yourself into near-space to be left awestruck by the sight of stars. You just need an audience with DiCaprio.

Various versions of the clip have now racked up millions of views across Twitter alone, and, of course, Bezos got wind of it (wait, was that Succession bit about playing “Good Tweet, Bad Tweet” actually fictional?). The man may have a net worth estimated at over $200 billion, but he wasn’t going to stand by without chiming in. So, naturally, he took to his own Twitter to upload a topless photo of himself, apparently to remind DiCaprio and the world that he has a personal trainer and bigger biceps than DiCaprio.

Now, if you’ve ever seen DiCaprio in The Aviator, you know it's probably not a great idea for very rich men to completely shut themselves off from the outside world. Yet, there are times when it might be best for them to cut their losses and keep things to themselves.

It's likely the public back-and-forth will end there. DiCaprio’s 50.5 million Instagram followers dwarf Bezos’s 3 million on Instagram, but DiCaprio doesn't really use social media for laughs or clapbacks. He only ever posts to bring attention to his environmental causes. Which is to say, he’s more likely to post about the actual Amazon rainforest while paying no mind to the founder of the tech conglomorate that shares its name.

Besides, the internet has already done enough responding on Leo’s behalf.