Madonna Regrets Both of Her Marriages

Madonna stretching her fishnet-covered legs
Photographed by Steven Klein for W

What does sex mean to Madonna? Pretty much everything; the list includes her greatest guilty pleasure, her favorite thing to make, her life mantra, her secret to success, her current favorite obsession, her life motivation, and even her zodiac sign. The 64-year-old icon (and author of the 1992 book Sex) divulged as much in a new Q&A YouTube video that offers further insight into her romantic life. When asked about a past decision that she’s realized “maybe wasn’t the best idea” in retrospect, Madonna responds immediately: “Getting married.” After doing a twirl, she stares straight back into the camera: “Both times!”

Madonna wed her first husband, Sean Penn, on her 27th birthday in 1985. And while she may now regret the three-year marriage, the pair maintains a “very friendly” bond; they were even spotted holding hands at a charity gala in 2016. A decade after they split, Madonna moved on to Guy Ritchie. Madonna gave birth to their son Rocco and adopted their son David over the course of their eight-year marriage, and there have been no reports of co-parenting issues since their divorce in 2008. Evidently, Madonna doesn’t mind that Ritchie once said that marrying her felt like “stepp[ing] into a soap opera.”

Madonna delved into plenty of other topics while prancing around her farm and feeding her horses carrots in the video. Apparently, If she hadn’t gone into music, she would currently be a school teacher. She misses riding the subway. She’s considering revisiting her house music era. She’s “gagging” to do another collaboration with Britney Spears and is hoping to do her first with Kendrick Lamar… Or is she? When asked to share a piece of wisdom, a straight-faced Madonna replied, “none of this is real.”