Of Course Marc Jacobs Is Being Radically Honest About His Facelift

Marc Jacobs lying in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber after his facelift.

Marc Jacobs doesn't have time for secrets. In a world where everyone is supposed to be quiet about whatever work they may or may not have gotten done (particularly in the fashion industry), Jacobs has been completely open this past week about having gone under the knife. The 58-year-old designer underwent a deep plane facelift with Manhattan plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Jacono and has been completely transparent about documenting the process on his personal Instagram.

Just weeks after making a triumphant post-pandemic return to the fashion runway, Jacobs uploaded a photo of his face in bandages with the simple caption “yesterday” and the hashtags “#f*ckgravity #livelovelift.” While a few thought Jacobs had gotten into some sort of accident, most picked up on what was actually happening. “WOWEEEEEEEEE!!!! When is the unveiling???” wrote supermodel Kristen McMenamy. “The transparency is everything! Snatch it darlinggggg! Happy healing,” added the stylist June Ambrose.

A few days later, Jacobs uploaded a photo of himself, bandages off, inside a hyperbolic recovery chamber with the choice hashtag, “#he’sgotthatBenjaminButtons.” Finally, he unveiled his new look with all the tags: “#restore #rejuvenate #rejoice #deepplanefacelift #buhbyeturkeyneck #buhbyejowls.”

Over on his own Instagram, Dr. Jacono reposted one of MJ’s post-surgery selfies and praised the designer's openness. “Thank you for trusting me with your face it means the world to me!!!” he wrote. “Your transparency and authenticity is rare and refreshing. It will give others the courage in their journey of self-care, to take control of their appearance. Yes you can look like yourself but just better after #plasticsurgery! This is why I love the #deepplanefacelift.”

For those unaware, the deep plane is a relatively common variety of the traditional facelift that targets the bottom two-thirds of the face and is especially noted for its results in the neck and chin area. Though the technique is also one of the more invasive varieties of facelifts available. The surgeon works below the facial muscle, and it's far more involved than just a simple snatching of the skin layer. The results, however, are said to be more natural-looking and longer-lasting.

Should anyone, however, be surprised that Jacobs is being so forthright in sharing his journey, we guess you don’t know just how candid the designer always is. In fact, he finds a certain level of radical transparency empowering. “I think there's a kind of audacious, active pleasure I get out of saying: Yeah, I have had three hair transplants. Yeah, I go to a dermatologist to get filler. Yeah, I have been in rehab. Yeah, I was a heroin addict. Yeah, I had orgies. Yeah, my mother was in Bellevue. Come for me now,” the designer told Ssense earlier this year.

In other words, after over three decades at the forefront of American fashion and all the Page Six and Gawker gossip items that come with the territory, Jacobs just doesn’t really see any value in keeping quiet about having work done. People will talk anyway.