The Morning Show Season 2 Trailer: Jennifer Aniston is Going Through It

Jennifer Aniston (L) and Reese Witherspoon of "The Morning Show" speak on stage during the Apple TV+...
David Livingston/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon may be tight behind the scenes, but in the trailer for season two of The Morning Show, their characters find themselves on different sides of the fallout that erupted during the show’s premiere season. Aniston’s Alex Levy has left the titular program in a high-profile departure, while Witherspoon’s Bradley Jackson is left alone and struggling with the realization that the two women may not have been as much of a united front as she initially thought.

Season two, which premieres on Apple TV+ on September 17th, will also introduce a handful of new characters.

Julianna Margulies plays a respected “news icon” who enters the scene to turn the tables and put Aniston’s character on the other end of the glaring lights of a television interview. Hasan Minhaj appears as Eric Nomani, Bradley’s new co-host. Russian Dolls Greta Lee joins as the leader of an online media brand that specializes in reaching Gen Z and Millennial audiences. Irish actor Ruairi O'Connor also joins as a character being described as “YouTube star.”

It seems in addition to dealing with the ramifications of Steve Carell’s character’s abrupt firing in the midst of a sexual abuse scandal, some of season two’s new additions seem to point to the idea that the series will also tackle the realities of the rapidly changing media landscape as well.

Although she doesn’t appear in the trailer, Holland Taylor will also feature this season, as a board member of the television network.

The Morning Show has so far been Apple TV+’s biggest original series success. The first season garnered six Emmy nominations, including a win for Billy Crudup. Jennifer Aniston also took home the SAG Award for her lead performance. Season two, undoubtedly, hopes to keep that streak going.