Everything New To Expect From Only Murders in the Building Season Two

Still from the show, "Only Murders in the Building".
Craig Blankenhorn/Hulu

The return of the hit Hulu comedy, Only Murders in the Building, is imminent, meaning soon our life will, once again, be filled with the odd, yet endearing foursome—Martin Short, Steve Martin, Selena Gomez, and Gomez’s never-ending coat supply—which makes the show so enticing. Season two of the show promises a lot of the same themes and stories that made fans fall in love with it the first time around, as well as a bit of newness to keep things fresh. And as the premiere date inches closer, we’re learning more and more about what’s about to go down in the Arconia when the show returns this summer. Keep checking back here for updates on Only Murders, including every new character, plot line, and mystery it will explore in season two.

What new mystery will take place in Only Murders season two?

Fans of season one already know the answer to this question, as the final episode ended in a major cliffhanger—with Martin and Short’s characters, Charles and Oliver, walking in on Gomez’s Mabel sitting next to the Arconia’s dead president, Bunny, covered in her blood. Charles, Oliver, and Mabel are then escorted out of the building in handcuffs, clearly the prime suspects for the crime. The second season will follow the trio as they attempt to exonerate themselves, while finding out what really happened to Bunny, and, of course, producing a second season of their true crime podcast throughout it all.

And, just like last season, the Arconia will remain a character of its own, as Bunny’s death reveals some secrets behind the historic building, some of which connect to Charles and his own childhood.

Who are the new characters in Only Murders season two?

The most talked about addition to the season two cast has to be Cara Delevingne, the model, actress, and longtime friend of Gomez. The pair’s relationship came in handy for the show, as Delevingne will play Alice, an art gallery owner and Mabel’s love interest

“It was amazing to have the two of them know each other and feel comfortable,” Only Murders’ show runner and co-creator, John Hoffman told Vanity Fair. “It’s a little sparky in all the right ways that makes you feel like, Oh, someone’s opening someone’s world.”

But that’s hardly the only new face that will appear this season. While Sting has moved out of his apartment in the Arconia, another celebrity has replaced him—Amy Schumer. The comedian is joining the show as “a slightly unbearable version of herself,” according to VF. Schumer’s character approaches Mabel, Charles, and Oliver about adapting their podcast for TV, and has the idea to star in the show as Jan, last season’s murderer portrayed by Amy Ryan. Before she can do this, though, it’s important that the threesome behind the podcast clear their name of the current murder for which they’re being accused.

The newcomers are rounded out by Shirley MacLaine, who is returning to TV for the first time in eight years to play Bunny’s mother. While grieving over the death of her daughter, MacLaine’s character gets wrapped up in the season’s mystery, and has an “exciting” arc of her own, according to Hoffman.

Are old characters returning to Only Murders season two?

Along with these new faces, there will also be returning players, like Jackie Hoffman and Michael Cyril Creighton who are coming back as Arconia residents, Uma and Howard. The pair takes over Bunny’s presidential duties following her death, leaving them in direct conflict with the interests of Oliver, Charles in Mabel. Jayne Houdyshell, who played Bunny in season one, will return in flashbacks from prior to her death.

When will Only Murders premiere?

We still have a bit of time to wait before the doors to the Arconia open up again. Only Murders in the Building season two will premiere on Hulu on June 28th.