Oscars 2019: Laura Harrier Explains How Her Sustainable Louis Vuitton Dress For Her First Academy Awards Was Made

The intricate Louis Vuitton dress took over 450 hours of work and is eco-approved.

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Over the past few years Laura Harrier has proven to be a master of the red carpet, from the Cannes Film Festival to major Marvel premieres, and everything in between. But there was still one specific carpet she had yet to master—until now. On Sunday night, the 28-year-old age attended the Oscars for the first time in support of her film BlacKkKlansman, which was nominated for Best Picture at the 2019 Academy Awards ceremony. For the big occasion, Harrier opted for a princess moment, courtesy of both Louis Vuitton and the Red Carpet Green Dress initiative: she arrived at the ceremony wearing a bespoke, ethical gown by Louis Vuitton in support of the initiative, started by Suzy Amis Cameron.

To qualify as an eco-conscious gown, each piece must either be made from sustainable materials, including organic, recycled, or repurposed fibers. Harrier’s dress was made in Vuitton’s Paris atelier and crafted out of a blue crepe silk certified by the Global Organic Textile Standards and hand-embroidered with glass beads, Swarovski crystal shards, and sequins that required over 450 hours of work. Extra sparkle was provided by the actress’ Bvlgari jewels, including a high jewelry necklace in platinum, featuring diamonds, rubellites and over 30 counts of emeralds, along with a matching bracelet. Here, Harrier breaks down her look and provides an exclusive behind-the-scenes look of how it all came together.

How are you feeling ahead of your first Oscars?

I’m feeling excited. I’m so happy to support BlacKkKlansman and Spike [Lee]. It’s been an incredible ride. The fact that I am not only going as part of a nominated film but also a representative of Red Carpet Green Dress is a dream come true.

When did you first start thinking of what you’d wear to the ceremony?

We started thinking about it at the Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer show. At that point it was more of a dream than a reality.

How did you land on this look?

I saw a color at the last show in Paris that inspired us. Fortunately enough we were able to find it in an eco-friendly, sustainable fabric since I am attending as a guest of James and Suzy Cameron’s Red Carpet Green Dress initiative.

A behind-the-scenes look as Laura Harrier prepares for the 2019 Oscars. Photo courtesy of Brandon Hickman/RCGD.


A behind-the-scenes look as Laura Harrier prepares for the 2019 Oscars. Photo courtesy of Brandon Hickman/RCGD.


What does it mean to be attending with Red Carpet Green Dress?

I am so incredibly honored to be attending with Red Carpet Green Dress. The gown is made of blue crepe silk developed with efforts to eliminate all global hazardous chemical use. The handmade embroidery required more than 450 hours of work: glass beads, crystal shards, and sequins were specifically chosen to meet human-ecological requirements.

How did you land on the jewels to wear with the dress?

As an ambassador for Bvlgari, I have partnered with them throughout awards season, which has been so fun. They shared multiple options but the necklace and bracelet we landed on really compliment the intricate beading on my custom Louis Vuitton gown.

A behind-the-scenes look as Laura Harrier prepares for the 2019 Oscars. Photo courtesy of Brandon Hickman/RCGD.


A closer look at Laura Harrier’s Bvlgari necklace from the 2019 Oscars. Photo courtesy of Bvlgari.

What are your favorite aspects of the final look? How would you describe it?

We are describing it as classic and sustainable. The overall look is really feminine. We added a metal belt at the end to give it a modern edge. I love that through Red Carpet Green Dress that I can show people that sustainable fashion can be glamorous too.

What are some of your favorite Oscars looks from past red carpets?

My number one is when Halle Berry won for Monster. Nicole Kidman’s chartreuse Dior from the ’90s is one I always go back to for inspiration. And I love when River Phoenix attended with Martha Plimpton in 1989. So chic! And Zendaya’s white Vivienne Westwood was stunning too.

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