New Royal Feud Alert: Prince Louis and His Cousin Lena

Prince Louis and Lena Tindall argue over sweets.
Photo by Roland Hoskins - WPA Pool/Getty Images

We’re growing a bit tired of the reported feud between Prince William and Harry. Not only does it seem increasingly tragic, but it’s also a tiff now playing out entirely in the public through rumors, gossip, and reports from the notoriously unreliable British tabloids. The fact that Diana’s two sons didn’t interact together in public during the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee seemingly confirms the royal riff is still on, but it feels like you need a PhD in Buckingham Palace tea leaf reading to figure out what, exactly, is going on. It’s all so tiring at this point. Perhaps as counter-programing we should indulge in some lighter royal drama. Drama that’s, well, pretty adorable, actually—drama, as in the kind between young Prince Louis of Cambridge and his second cousin, Lena Tindall.

Prince Louis, now four years old, has had a bit of a star-making turn this Jubilee as the House of Windsor’s latest lovable troublemaker. The faces he made next to his great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, on the balcony have gone viral, and the argument he had with his mother, Duchess Catherine, later in the weekend at the Platinum Pageant seemed like something directly out of a Little Rascals episode. But it seems Louis’s biggest tiff may have been with his 3-year-old cousin.

Lena is the queen’s second-youngest great-granddaughter, and the closest in age to Louis. She’s the daughter of Harry and William’s cousin, Zara Phillips, and granddaughter of Princess Anne.

From the looks of it, she seems to be a real girl’s girl.

She’s tight, of course, with her older sister, Mia Tindall.

Photo by Mark Cuthbert/UK Press via Getty Images

She also seems to have significant bond with Princess Charlotte.

Photo by Mark Cuthbert/UK Press via Getty Image

She’s also cool with Savannah Phillips, another royal great-grandchild who, in her younger years, regularly made headlines for causing all sorts of mischief with Prince George. In other words, young Lena seems like a rather likable gal on generally good terms with most of her fellow royal great-grandkids—except for Louis.

At some point during the Platinum Pageant, Lena pulled out a bag of sweets and decided to share them with Princess Charlotte. Louis, who was seated next to his older sister, caught wind of the sweets and, as members of the British royal family often are, felt entitled to a bit for himself. Lena, who like all of Princess Anne’s progeny, is without a royal title, instead defended her sugar trove from her cousin, and eventually made a pointed display out of offering some to Prince George instead. If you’re going to share, it might as well be with the future king.

Photo by Roland Hoskins - WPA Pool/Getty Images

You can see the death glare Lena shoots at Louis as she makes her way over to instead offer some to George.

Hopefully, the pair will patch it up eventually. Maybe the royals in their parents’ generation will follow suit.