Saweetie Just Took a Job as Netflix's New Sex-Ed Professor

Saweetie in a suit
Photographed by John Edmonds, Styled by Zerina Akers

Sharpen your pencils and do not be late for class, lest you face the wrath of your new health teacher, Saweetie. The rapper has just been tapped by Netflix to host an upcoming sex-ed comedy special, Unzipped, and she will surely school you on everything you didn’t learn in your actual health class including sex myths, misconceptions, and hopefully, how to bag an eight-figure date.

According to Vulture, the sex positive special will feature some sexperts (sex experts), as well as puppets that represent all “sex and sexualities that exist in real life.” Hopefully, this means the Avenue Q cast can finally coming out of retirement. In addition to the felt guests, there will be some humans to look out for as well, including Dominique Jackson, Michelle Buteau, Nikki Glaser, and Trixie Mattel.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like any cast members from the highly popular Netflix show Sex Education will be in attendance, which seems like a bit of an oversight.

The show is just the latest icy move for the former W cover girl. Not only did she have a recent promotional meal with McDonald’s, but she was also recently named the latest face of MAC cosmetics. The show completes the trifecta of any burgeoning empire: fast food, makeup, and sex.

Unzipped will drop on Netflix on October 26th.