Shawn Mendes Valiantly Proves Summer Knits Aren’t Just For The Girls

Shawn Mendes in knit shirt.
Screenshot via Island Records.

Crochet for summer? Well, it’s not exactly groundbreaking, but it has certainly had a moment. This season, we’ve seen various Hadids and Jenners and the like in freeing little knit pieces hanging around pools or during beach vacations. Dua Lipa seemed to take the trend to its logical extremes this week by Instagramming photos of her in a very, very small but very, very knitted crochet bikini. The trend was not solely meant for the girls, as trips to say New York City’s Riis Beach or the runway garments from labels like Valentino would prove. However, the celeb guys have been a bit more hesitant to catch on—until Shawn Mendes entered the picture with both his late summer jam and take on late summer style in the video for his single “Summer of Love,” a collaboration with reggaeton producer Tainy.

The video finds Mendes in full summer mode, situated in a tropical location as he lounges on boats, hangs on beaches, does a bit of cliff jumping, splashes in the water, and drives a red convertible with the top down on a seaside road like Lana Del Rey.

Of course, there are enough wardrobe changes to fit the changing scenery. He’s got a textured Kangol hat, some red striped swimsuits, a few tank tops, and a Backstreet Boys-esque soaking white dress shirt. But the sartorial star of the show is a very loose-knit white button-up he wears on a sailboat.

Mendes recently revealed that all the shirtless photos he poses for even gives him a bit of body dysmorphia, and yet, he persists. This time, it’s in the name of proving that summer knits aren’t just for the girls.