Dua Lipa Has Daringly Embraced Teeny Crochet Bikinis

Dua Lipa
Photographed by Tim Walker; styled by Sara Moonves.

It’s late August, meaning there are there precious few weeks left to get those pool- and beachside pics in. And if you’re looking for inspiration, look no further than the Instagram grid of Dua Lipa, who yet again established her vacation-style star status on Tuesday while soaking in the sun with her little sister Rina. The latter’s swimsuit—a pink design with a gold chain waist—would have been a statement look, but it looked relatively tame when showcased alongside Lipa’s: an itsy-bitsy-teenie-weenie GCDS bikini made of crocheted cotton. (Evidently, the pair share a love for the upscale Italian streetwear label; Rina made her runway debut at its fall 2021 show earlier this year.)

Somehow, the look was even bolder than the crochet GCDS bikini modeled last summer, composed of three knit Care Bears. Her latest was not only even teenier, but featured an array of mismatched motifs: a heart and rainbow on the bottom, and a daisy and marijuana leaf on the top. Lipa wisely kept her distance from the water; the suit is practically made for solely Instagram opportunities.

The suit is unsurprisingly sold out, but you can still join Lipa in embracing crochet; the knit checkered bucket hat she wore earlier this month proved so popular that there’s even a tutorial for making it yourself on YouTube. Besides, realistically, autumn is just a month away. (Though Kylie Jenner, at least, is hoping you won’t think it’s too late to up your swimwear game: Also on Tuesday, she announced that the launch of her eponymous swim line is simply “coming soon.”)