The Battle Lines Have Been Drawn in the First Look of Succession Season Four

A still from Succession
Photograph by Macall B. Polay/HBO

A new supercut teaser of the upcoming Succession season four provides a hint as to how things shook out following the dramatic maneuvering in the season three finale. The clip, while short, includes some context for where everyone stands as we enter the fourth iteration of the HBO Max show.

As a reminder, season three of Succession ended in complete deception, when the usually well-trained Tom Wambsgams escaped from his Shiv-lead leash and informed Logan Roy that his kids were planning on ending the deal between the family’s company, Waystar Royco, and Go-Jo. The move resulted in Logan effectively cutting his kids out of the company, and moving forward on the deal without them.

A minute and a half into HBO Max’s coming soon teaser, we hear Brian Cox as Logan in the middle of an impassioned speech. “This is not the end,” he says, his voice getting more and more intense as he continues speaking. “We’re killing the opposition. I’m going to build something better, faster, meaner, wilder. I love it here! I fucking love it!” We see Logan standing in front of an audience, with Tom and Cyd Peach, Waystar’s CEO of television, cementing what we already assumed, that Tom has landed on Logan’s side. In the audience, then, is Cousin Greg, whom Tom nabbed in the season three finale before making his big move.

It’s unclear what “opposition” Logan is referring to, but he could mean his four children, who we also see, looking upset and dejected after losing the battle. Of course, a lot can change within even an episode of Succession, so while the battle lines have been drawn, there’s still a lot of maneuvering to be done. Unfortunately, HBO didn’t provide a premiere date for the new season, simply noting that it will return to the network next year.