The Crown Season 5 Teaser Finds Diana and Charles in “All-Out War”

Elizabeth Debicki as Princess Diana looking contemplative in 'The Crown' season 5
Courtesy of Netflix

Promotion for The Crown isn’t pausing a beat even after the passage of its main subject, Queen Elizabeth II earlier this month. Like the monarchy, series creator Peter Morgan and co. are tabling their grief and forging on. As production resumes on season 6, Netflix has released the first trailer for season 5—and boy, the newly anointed King Charles III must be glad that the chapter of his life depicted is in the past. The clip begins with a newscaster announcing his divorce from Princess Diana, noting that while he “bared his soul to the nation,” Diana came out on top by opening up even further about their “broken” marriage. From there comes a cacophony of newscasters spelling out disaster for the monarchy. In conclusion: “This is becoming all out war.”

The teaser also shows the degree to which Elizabeth Debicki managed to transform into Diana. She’s particularly mastered expressing the degree to which the late royal was miserable, whereas Dominic West’s stoic face speaks to how Charles was perceived as unfeeling. The fact that Imelda Staunton’s take on the Queen is absent suggests that the focus will be predominantly on the ill-fated couple.

Netflix has been keeping viewers of The Crown fed. Earlier this month, the streaming service announced that it has found its new Prince William and Kate Middleton for the far-off season 6. Actually, they’ve found two Prince Williams: Rufus Kampa will portray him as a teenager, and Ed McVey will take the royal from his late teens to early adulthood, when Meg Ballamy will enter the picture as Kate. That’s all a long ways off, but fortunately, the season 5 premiere is just around the corner. Ahead of its November 9 premiere, take a look at Debicki and West as Diana and Charles below.