Emma Stone & Nathan Fielder Are Nightmare HGTV Hosts In The Curse Trailer

Emma Stone and Nathan Fielder in "The Curse"

Emma Stone is teaming up with Nathan Fielder and Benny Safdie for A24’s new series, The Curse. Set to premiere on Showtime and Paramount+, the 10-episode series is a “genre-bending comedy series” centered around a cursed placed on a newly married couple. Here’s everything we know, below.

What is The Curse about?

The Curse centers around Fielder (Asher) and Stone (Whitney) who move to the town of Española in New Mexico to film house-flipping content for their fictional HGTV show—naturally, Safdie is their camera guy, who has some problems of his own. Think Chip and Joanna Gaines meets Parks and Recreation.

Shortly after the move, a “curse” is placed on the newlyweds as they attempt to conceive a child while filming their TV show. In addition to the couples’ marital struggles, the series touches on topics such as gentrification, race, and class.

Is there a trailer for The Curse?

The trailer opens with Stone saying “This isn’t your typical home-flipping show. My homes are reflecting the local community,” as she tours one of the couple’s flipped spaces, complete with reflective sidings and ultra-modern details that really do not reflect the local community.

From there, Fielder gives $100 to a young girl in a parking lot with intention to use the footage for their show. As getting the shot, he shortly snatches the bill out of her hand as it “was all he had.” The little girl places some sort of curse on him, which is where the series kicks up with tension between the couple and the local community pertaining to their house-flipping antics.

Who is in The Curse cast?

Along with Stone, Fielder, and Safdie, The Curse will feature guest appearances from Samantha Ashley, Gigi Erneta, Barkhad Abdi, Corbin Bernsen, and Constance Shulman, among others.

When is The Curse release date?

The Curse will premiere on streaming and on-demand for Paramount+ subscribers on November 10, 2023 before coming to Showtime on November 12. The first three episodes of the series premiered at the New York Film Festival in October.