Did Timothée Chalamet Take Lola Leon to See The Hunger Games on a Date?

Timothee chalamet hunger games
Karwai Tang/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

|Being a celebrity seems to make you highly susceptible to full-circle moments. It takes you from doing a cover of “Shallow” on YouTube a la Rachel Zegler to chatting with Lady Gaga at the Critics’ Choice Awards. Or the Hailey Bieber pipeline of attending a Justin Bieber concert as a preteen to becoming his wife. So many celebrities have crazy moments like this, and Timothée Chalamet just revealed his own, which involves Jennifer Lawrence, a movie date, and possibly even Lola Leon.

While on the Oscars red carpet on Sunday night, Chalamet was asked about the different experience of filming his two Academy Award-nominated films, Dune and Don’t Look Up. Dune was like a four, five-month project in the desert that I was the lead of with Rebecca Ferguson and a great cast,” he recalled, seemingly implying those circumstances were very different from the Adam McKay-directed comedy. “And then Don’t Look Up was an opportunity to work with Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio, two actors that I hugely look up to, especially DiCaprio, I grew up watching his movies.”

But Chalamet also has some one-sided history with Lawrence. “My first date ever was that Hunger Games one,” he said of Lawrence’s 2012 film based on the popular YA series. So, that means Chalamet went from making out in a theater watching Lawrence on screen in The Hunger Games to being the one Lawrence makes out with in Don’t Look Up. Full circle moment completed.

Of course, then there’s the matter of the identity of Chalamet’s date. Though not guaranteed, it’s possible the lucky lady was Madonna’s daughter, Lola Leon, considering the pair was attending LaGuardia High School together when The Hunger Games was released, and we know they dated at some point around that time. In an interview with Vanity Fair last year, Leon called Chalamet her first boyfriend. “I respect him a lot, we were a little item,” she said.

It’s entirely possible Chalamet had many suitors back in high school, and any one of them could have been his date to the movies. For the purposes of a good story, though, we’ll go with Leon. We like the thought of the two stars locking lips while teens killed each other for survival in the background.