What’s Going On With Tom Brady and Irina Shayk?

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Tomy Brady and Irina Shayk
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Tom Brady and Irina Shayk have suddenly pulled into the lead in the race for the most surprising celebrity couple after the pair were spotted getting cozy in Los Angeles during the summer of 2023. Photos obtained by TMZ reveal that the athlete and supermodel spent two days together in July, with Shayk staying the night at Brady’s house.

After a whirlwind summer romance, things reportedly “fizzled out” between the athlete and supermodel in September. “Irina was very attracted to Tom. She liked dating him. It excited her,” an insider told People. “They had fun traveling to see each other. In the end, it kind of just fizzled.” Or had it? Here, a timeline of their relationship.

January, 2024

Now, it appears as though as Shayk and Brady are happy to see each other when their busy schedules permit. Nearly four months after rumors of a split, the pair were spotted sharing a romantic dinner at the New York City restaurant Brasserie Fouquet’s on January 15th. Per sources close to TMZ, the pair seemed to be in good spirits as Brady eventually picked up the bill.

December, 2023

On December 8th, 2023, Shayk and Brady were spotted during a night out in Miami, Florida. In photos obtained by TMZ, Brady was pictured seemingly giving Shayk (in jeans and a tank top) a ride to an Art Basel party. While it is unclear whether the outing was romantic or platonic, all good things are worth a second chance, right?

Although Shayk and Brady never publicly confirmed their relationship, they were first linked in July, 2023. According to sources during that time, Shayk was easing Brady’s “anxiety” about missing out on the upcoming NFL season due to his recent retirement from the sport. “Irina is helping with Tom's anxiety that has been creeping up the last few weeks because for so long at this time of the year he'd be getting ready to play football,” the source said.

The insider also added that “[Brady] misses the NFL, he misses playing but he isn't going back, and thanks to Irina his attention can be directed to her, and he is using the free time he has to build their relationship into something special.”

September, 2023

In early September, Shayk was photographed visiting Brady’s New York City apartment. Various outlets claimed that Shayk was reportedly still interested in her ex Bradley Cooper (who is now apparently dating Gigi Hadid). “Years have been put into the relationship,” a source said of Shayk and Cooper, who share a 6-year-old daughter together. Another insider told Page Six in September, 2023 that the football star is “Not interested in being serious with anyone right now.”

August, 2023

On August 21st, 2023 a source told People that Shayk is “Impressed with Tom.” The insider also added, Brady “Is her dream guy. She loves dating him.”

It was reported on August 15th, 2023 that they spent a weekend together at a hotel in London. Though not much is known about the rendezvous, photos obtained by The Daily Mail showed Brady (in a black hoodie and jeans) and Shayk (wearing leather boots and shorts) departing separately early Tuesday morning.

Brady and Shayk both have very detailed dating history. Shayk has been romantically linked to Leonardo DiCaprio, Kanye West, Cristiano Ronaldo, and of course, shares a child with her ex-husband Bradley Cooper. Brady has quite the romantic legacy himself—having most recently filed for divorce from supermodel Gisele Bündchen in October, 2022. Reportedly, Bündchen is unbothered by the relationship: "Why wouldn't she be happy for Tom?” a source told TMZ in July 2023. “She divorced him. It is helpful to her freedom that he moved on."

Here’s everything we know about the Tom Brady and Irina Shayk, below.

How did Tom Brady and Irina Shayk meet?

According to sources, the pair first became interested in each other romantically this June when they attended the wedding of Joe Nahmad and Madison Headrick. However, it seems like they were friendly well before as they share mutual friends.

“Tom and Irina have run in the same circle for a while and have always gotten along great,” a source told Entertainment Tonight. The insider added that Brady and Shayk “spent time together” in June and “hit it off.”

At the time of the party, there were reports that Shayk and other models made a “beeline” for the newly single Brady. “She followed him around all weekend,” a source said to Page Six. “She was throwing herself at him.”

A representative for Shayk denied the source’s claims. “This story is completely false. It is a totally malicious and fictional account of the evening.”

How long have they been together?

Brady and Shayk have been dating since the wedding but it is unclear how much time they are spending together. "The two have been talking for about a month and have enjoyed their time together," an insider told Entertainment Tonight.

Allegedly, Brady invited Shayk to his home though the pair haven’t seen each other that frequently (which is understandable given their busy schedules). “They’ve been in touch ever since the [wedding,] trying to line up schedules to meet,” a source said. “They have a lot of chemistry.”

Is it serious?

Things seem fairly casual thus far, however, July 2023 sources said that Brady sees potential in the relationship and is taking the initiative. “Tom is really ecstatic that this is happening, he feels that they totally get each other, and he really finds her extremely interesting, entrepreneurial, and has a clever sense of humor that really appeals to everything he is all about,” a source noted.

“She is not just a fling; he really wants to make this work,” the insider continued. “He always told himself after his divorce that he would only get involved with someone that a future could be made, someone he could eventually introduce to his kids.”

Despite signals otherwise, on September 15th, it was reported that Brady and Shayk are not exclusive. “His priorities are his kids and his business interests,” a source told Page Six. “There will be more supermodels in his future.” After things appeared to end earlier in September, a December Art Basel sighting and January dinner date may prove that there’s some hope for Irina and Tom.

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