Everything We Know About You Season 4

Spoilers ahead.

Joe Goldberg/ Penn Badgley
Courtesy of Netflix

Though it’s only been about six months since season three of the hit stalker drama You premiered, we’re already picking up the hints that Netflix has been putting down about the production for season four. When we last saw him, our anti-hero Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) had left quite the mess behind in Madre Linda, where he and his wife Love Quinn-Goldberg (Victoria Pedretti) escaped after having a rough go of it in Los Angeles. But it was almost instantly clear that the series would have to return for a fourth season (and before the third season could even air, Netflix made the announcement that there would indeed be more Joe Goldberg going around and stalking people a fourth time). Now, as the updates on You’s fourth season start trickling in, we can start speculating about what’s going to happen, when the new episodes will drop, and where on earth Joe will travel to next. Spoilers ahead.

When will You season four be released?

There is no official release date yet for You season four. The third season aired in October 2021, and according to the Netflix social media accounts, production has only just begun for season four. While we can’t say for certain that the fourth season will be available to stream later this year, it’s likely that it might hit your accounts before 2023.

Where will season four take place?

Season three ended with Joe Goldberg killing his wife (in his defense, it was self defense) Love, setting their suburban Northern California home on fire, and making it look like a suicide. He also left his son, Henry, with his two neighbors who were looking to adopt (a decision which, for someone who was in the foster care system as a child, clearly weighed on Joe’s mind). We later see him in a cafe, looking for Marienne, the librarian and single mom he connected with (and did not kill!) in Madre Linda, but it’s not her. Then, he starts wandering the streets of Paris.

But according to a new update from the Netflix Twitter account, it looks like Joe Goldberg’s next victims will not be of the French variety (and for that, we are thankful, because we really could not handle his pretentious voiceovers about the correct pronunciation of croissant). Instead, it’s looking a lot like he may be taking the Eurostar to London, where he will probably inevitably have some sort of crisis about being the millennial Jack Ripper. How do we know he’ll be making his way through Great Britain instead of cruising along the Seine? Take a look at the books in this tweet from Netflix: Charles Dickens, William Makepeace Thackeray, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle are some of the British greats, so it’s likely Joe will get a job at a modest bookshop in London (though, it would have been fun to watch him deal with tourists at the Shakespeare & Co. bookstore in Paris—oh well, c’est la vie.)

Who’s coming back?

Well, it’s safe to say Joe Goldberg will be returning for season four. Love, on the other hand, is dead, so there’s no way she’ll be coming back—unless it’s in the form of flashbacks and dream sequences. Silicon Valley swingers Sherry and Cary Conrad (Shalita Grant and Travis Van Winkle) somehow survived being tortured in Joe and Love’s glass box of horrors underneath Love’s bakery, and, as a branded couple, they embark on a TEDx tour to talk about the importance of being a survivor and having open communication in a relationship, so it would be a delight to see them return (for us, obviously, not for Joe—it’s safe to say he probably never wants to see them again after that failed foursome). Marienne made an escape, and we still know that Ellie (Jenna Ortega), the kid that Joe sought to protect in season two, is still out there—though she’s probably not happy with being abandoned yet again. Matthew and Theo Engler (Scott Speedman and Dylan Arnold) didn’t die either, so there’s always the chance that Theo might want to get revenge on Joe for what happened with Love. While we can’t confirm the return of those characters, the possibility is still out there—and of course, there’s always going to be someone new for Joe to become obsessed with and set his sights on for stalking, all the way across the pond.

Who’s new in the cast?

Lukas Gage arrives in season four, as a wealthy kid named Adam who is a little too interested in partying and not so good at pleasing his parents, and Charlotte Ritchie will play Kate, the daughter of a single mom and art gallery director. It’s also been reported that Tilly Keeper, Amy Leigh Hickman, and Ed Speleers will join the cast of You season four. Keeper plays Lady Phoebe, a socialite with a strong social media presence, and we already know how much that will irk Joe (remember Peach Salinger? RIP). Hickman plays Nadia, a student of literature with aspirations to be a serious novelist, so it’s likely that she will catch Joe’s eye (remember Beck? RIP). And Speleers will play a character named Rhys, a rags to riches author who is considering veering into politics after his memoir brought him great success. It’s looking like he and Joe might vibe at first—humble beginnings and such—but we all know how much Joe can’t stand competition. Some other newcomers will be recurring cast members, ranging from powerful entrepreneurs, privileged professors, backpackers, and aristocrats.

It’s starting to look like Joe will be infiltrating the campus community at Oxford, which leaves us to ask, did he somehow get an adjunct teaching job? Is he sorting books in the university library? No matter what he reinvents himself as next, though, old habits die hard, and the university is a solid setting for a stalking scandal.