The 2022 Friends and Family Gift Guide

Dynamic clans, couples, and collaborators reflect on holiday traditions and share what they are planning to give—or hoping to receive—this year.

Written by W Staff

Members of the Queer Asian collective New Ho Queen. Photographed by Claudine Baltazar; Styled by Jo ...
Members of the queer Asian party collective New Ho Queen. Photographed by Claudine Baltazar; Styled by Jo Lin.

Every holiday season, we reach out to creative, dynamic crews—couples, colleagues, chosen families and more—who we just know will have interesting approaches to celebrating and gift giving. Hearing about their traditions and the things they’re excited about sharing with each other is one of the highlights of the year. Get to know the latest batch:

The Real Housewives of New York City

The cast of The Real Housewives of New York. Photographed October 19, 2022 by Pamela Hanson; Styled by Daniel Gaines.

The new cast of Bravo’s most hallowed franchise are still getting to know each other, but they’re excited to celebrate—and change the narrative of what RHONY is all about.

Read more about their holiday party tips (and party tricks).

The Coperni Crew

Photographed by Pablo Di Prima; Styled by Helena Tejedor.

Fresh off of Paris Fashion Week’s most viral moment, Coperni designers Sebastien Meyer and Arnaud Vaillant are excited to decompress with family and close friends.

See how they’re celebrating and who’s getting a Glass Swipe Bag this year.

Chase Hall and Lauren Rodriguez Hall

Photographed by Emily Rosser.

Newlyweds Lauren Rodriguez Hall, a fashion designer and art director, and Chase Hall, an artist, just moved into a Los Angeles home together—which means new traditions and filling the space with work by creative friends.

Read about their open-door, everyone-is-welcome holiday policy.

New Ho Queen

Photographed by Claudine Baltazar; Styled by Jo Lin.

This Canadian queer Asian party collective knows how to have a good time—and they know the power of a great meal.

Get to know their unique approach to event-planning.

The Messika-Sassine Family

Photographed by Hugues Laurent; Styled by Hisato Tasaka.

Valérie Messika and Jean-Baptiste Sassine, a Parisian couple who run the jewelry brand Messika together, are all about keeping it classic—even if their kids don’t quite believe in Santa anymore.

Check out their high-fashion gift picks and cozy traditions.

Ignacio Mattos and His Restaurant Family

Photographed by Jeff Henrikson.

The Uruguayan restaurateur Ignacio Mattos and the Mattos Hospitality team are running New York’s most exciting—and arguably most delicious—food empire.

See what Mattos is excited about cooking up at home this year.

The Chemla Family

Photographed by Pamela Hanson; Styled by Caroline Edison.

Between them, this entrepreneurial bunch run a jewelry brand, a bakery, a clothing company and an art tech startup. As you can imagine, gifting comes pretty easy.

Read about what they’re hoping to share with each other this Hanukkah.