And Just Like That... Season 2, Episode 3 Fashion Recap: Call the (Fashion) Police

AJLT Fashion
Photograph by Craig Blakenhorn/Max
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It’s possible we will never be content with a Sex and the City reboot. The original show held such a special place in culture, existing squarely within the late ’90s/early aughts—so, naturally, it’s hard to stay true to the nature of the show while adapting it for a more modern era. Complaints about And Just Like That... have ranged from it being too “kinky” to unable to broach the “taboo topics” SATC seamlessly tackled (and those seemingly contrasting views came from the same person). The point is, we may never be happy—with the story, the character development, or the wardrobe. Everyone fancies themselves experts on what Carrie should wear, and Patricia Field’s absence from the show has left many feeling like they know better than the current costume designers, Molly Rogers and Danny Santiago. The truth is, who knows how an aged-up Carrie would dress, how Charlotte would handle raising two kids, if Miranda would really ride her midlife crisis all the way to Los Angeles. These are fictional characters, people.

That being said, I do believe this reboot is slightly closer in tone and story with the original IP. (Maybe if the Internet took notice of that fact, it would be more focused on the storylines and less so on Carrie’s wardrobe.) It does seem like now, in season two, the show is finding its legs, but it still doesn’t feel quite right. And since this is a Sex and the City-based show we’re talking about, where clothing reigns supreme, I’m going to be a complete hypocrite and speak on the fashion as if I have the authority of Candace Bushnell.

Episode 3: Chapter Three
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Episode three begins as Carrie runs into her cool, younger, but wholly inconsequential downstairs neighbor, Lisette, in Bryant Park. The two exchange pleasantries and catch up as they silently engage in a battle for the most chaotic outfit. Lisette’s entry into the competition features an ’80s-style look with a blue “ode to Bergdorf” track jacket, bright pink spandex shorts, a metallic pink tote, and butterfly-patterned knee-high Sophia Webster boots that will likely give you a headache if you stare at them for too long.

To be fair, Carrie puts up a good fight as well in a vintage blue-and-white striped dress adorned with pearls from Giorgio di Sant’Angelo and a metallic floral blazer from Chez Sarah Vintage. She continues piling on the look with a pink Ximena Kavalekas bucket bag, brown Maison Margiela ankle boots, and necklaces from Emily P. Wheeler and CCWW Designs.

The duel ends in a draw, but the two promise to see each other again in a few days’ time for Lisette’s jewelry show, where the competition will no doubt continue.

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Sarah Jessica Parker recently admitted that the Birkin she carries in Sex in the City is fake, which likely made you question the authenticity of Seema’s snatched Birkin in “Chapter Three.”

“It’s real,” Santiago confirms to W. “I borrowed it from a friend of mine. We took very good care of it. It went into a safe every night.” Of course, they had stunt options as well (because this isn’t just any bag we’re talking about, it’s a Birkin), but yes, AJLT has upgraded to the real thing.

As for Seema’s look in this scene, Santiago and Rogers wanted to pick a dress that would look beautiful as she runs after the robber who snatches her bag. “I was over the moon when we found that Fendi dress with a cape on the back,” Rogers says. Paired with Gucci shoes, and Marlo Laz necklaces, it’s maybe not the most practical, but definitely the most glamorous look in which to chase down a robber.


Miranda, meanwhile, is still in Los Angeles, dealing with what might be the most middle-age mom storyline we’ve seen thus far. She’s upset Brady hasn’t called her enough while he’s off in Europe with his girlfriend, but she also can’t be sure he hasn’t contacted her because she doesn’t know how to use her new phone. It’s a bit Boomer-heavy, but it does finally seem like more of an authentic Miranda storyline—at least one clothed in a tie-dye dress and Birkenstocks.

Photograph by Craig Blakenhorn/Max

The roundtable of the episode commences—and this time, they even grant an invite to the oft-forgotten Nya. Despite her newbie status, Nya arrives in what might be the most sophisticated outfit of the group: an off-white satin shirt dress with a red belt and shoes. Lisa, per usual, fulfills the pattern quota in a teal, red, and gray Rick Owens suit and thick green Robert La Roche specs, while Charlotte stays within her wheelhouse in a white floral dress and her favorite Fendi Peekaboo bag. Carrie rounds out the group in quite the conspicuous ensemble, featuring a pair of satin magenta pants and blouse, a teal draped jacket, matching metallic teal Gianvito Rossi pumps, and the pièce de résistance—a sequined Fendi baguette from the brand’s re-release with Parker herself.

Photograph by Craig Blankenhorn/HBO Max

Carrie takes Bitsy’s advice to “do whatever you do to make yourself feel better” and heads to Bergdorf Goodman to clean out their shoe department. It’s easy to forget that Carrie is no longer a woman unrealistically living on a columnist’s salary, but a widow with money to spare, finally justifying her ability to live in that apartment as well as her shoe habit.

She comes back from her haul and considers her purchases, which include some pink Gucci pumps and the Loewe balloon sandals, among other gems.


Miranda’s midlife crisis sends her to the tattoo parlor, where she considers a robot tattoo to commemorate her SoCal-girl persona and the death of the corporate lawyer. She really doesn’t need a tattoo, though, as her wardrobe is doing a pretty solid job at screaming, “I’m a newly freed spirit who also has disposable income.” It’s probably the $150 woven bucket hat and patterned Red Valentino skirt.


Charlotte hears about Carrie’s faux-vid and jumps into mom mode, throwing her Burberry apron atop her Burberry button-down and firing up the stove to prepare some basmati rice for her friend. It’s enough to make one wonder, does HBO have a brand deal with Burberry or something? Between the ludicrously capacious Succession bag and now this, that check is getting more airtime than Nya.


After whipping up some rice for her “sick” friend, Charlotte turns her attention back to her main concern during episode three—there’s a MILF list circulating her kids’ school, which was more of an issue before she and Lisa learned they are number two and three in the standings (number one being a step-mom does lead them to question the parameters). At school, the two gossip with fellow MILFs about the list, and clearly, both Charlotte and Lisa are looking to keep their top spot. They show up to the Arbor School dressed to the nines, with Lisa wearing an ’80s style black-and-white mini dress and Louis Vuitton tote, and Charlotte in a floral, midlength Oscar de la Renta dress and Bulgari bag that seem very much wasted in the hormone-infested halls of a high school. But hey, maybe they just wanted to impress Milo H.

Photograph by Craig Blakenhorn/Max

Charlotte changes into another floral look to take a call from a panicking Miranda, who has just learned Brady got dumped in the middle of Europe. It’s hard to decide who looks better here: Charlotte in her Carolina Herrera skirt, blue Prada bag, and cobalt blue Banana Republic trench coat; or Richard Burton, with his blue boots, classic yellow jacket, and Burberry doggy bag holder.

Photograph by Craig Blakenhorn/Max

Carrie has worn more sweatshirts in this season of AJLT than she did in all of SATC. To be fair, she does have fake COVID, and at least she pairs this New York-style Monopoly crewneck with a signature tulle skirt.

Photograph by Craig Blakenhorn/Max

Carrie heads to Lisette’s jewelry showcase with Seema by her side. While it was previously unclear who prevailed with the most questionable outfit between Carrie and her neighbor, this time, the columnist is the clear winner. Lisette looks cute in a backless, cobalt blue hooded dress—the perfect garment to show off her designs (which are actually pieces from NYC-based jewelry brand Isshi). Carrie, meanwhile, opts for a vintage sequin jumpsuit she should have let the robbers take when they were snatching up all the shiny objects in the tent.