Angelina Jolie Proves All You Need This Fall is a Big, Big Coat

Angelina Jolie arrives at JFK Airport in New York City on September, 26, 2023.

Angelina Jolie has such a consistently uniform-like style that it’s often difficult to distinguish what she has worn previously and what is simply an iteration of a similar piece. And given that the actress seems to have made JFK Airport her second home this summer, she’s continually tried her hand at making her sleek wardrobe work for long-haul flights—which begs the question, how does one stay comfortable while traveling in voluminous pieces like the ones Jolie gravitates toward?

Well, as she touched down on Monday in New York City, the actress attempted to answer that very question as she brought out one of her signature trenches. Jolie was spotted returning to the Big Apple in a curve-hugging, double-breasted trench coat which she repurposed into a rather chic maxi dress.

The piece had exaggerated lapels up top which then gave way to four gold buttons at the midsection. Jolie snapped them shut to create a dress-like silhouette that cinched her waist and fanned out as things moved downward.

While the outerwear piece did engulf much of her frame, judging by the fabric poking out at the bottom of the jacket, it seems as though she may have layered some black pieces underneath. Still, it looked like Jolie was on her way to an elegant dinner rather than making her way through customs.


Of course, it wouldn’t be a travel ensemble without the roomy carry-on to match. Jolie had just that in the form of Celine’s “Cabas” tote bag which she has made something of a staple in many of her recent looks—everywhere from the boardroom to the airport lounge.

To round things out, the 48-year-old kept up her embrace of jet black with a pair of flashy aviators and some sky-high stilettos. Temperatures have been noticeably brisk in New York City, so Jolie’s move to encase her body inside a wool jacket is rather understandable.

But even during the heat of this summer, she still managed to keep her cool while wearing a black trench coat. In August, the actress was spotted heading to brunch in another statement trench (this one, with a more bateau-style neckline) that she layered with a maxi dress, nude heels, and sunglasses. The same Celine bag made an appearance as well. Clearly, Jolie knows what works and is rather intent on sticking to it.