Ariana Grande Goes Full Space Age With Vintage Courregès Set

Ariana Grande wears vintage Courreges during an r.e.m Beauty event.

When Ariana Grande sang “It's like I'm the universe and you'll be N-A-S-A” in her 2019 song “NASA,” she wasn’t just referring to a relationship turned sour. Instead, it seems like she’s channeled that outer space energy into her fashion choices, too. Her most recent look heads fully into that realm—a rare vintage find that put a playful, futuristic spin on the classic skirt set.

During an event Tuesday for her brand r.e.m beauty in New York, Grande wore a look from one of fashion’s favorite mod designers, Courregès. Along with designers like Paco Rabanne and Pierre Cardin, the Frenchman helped to popularize the Space Age look—sculptural mini skirts, go-go boots, lots of silver—and Grande’s ensemble perfectly encapsulates that spirit.

The star recently underwent a bleach blonde hair transformation, and the pale yellow palette of her matching set certainly worked well with her new look. Her set is actually plucked from one of the designer’s ‘70s collections according to stylist Mimi Cuttrell, but still had all the makings of the Space Age trend from a decade prior. The wool mini skirt featured a relatively simple shape aside from a silver belt buckle and skin-baring slit at the side. Up top, the cropped vest added a splash of white at the sides and had two pockets near the bodice area.

But Grande’s embrace of vintage-inspired pieces didn’t stop there, though. She wore a very John Lennon-esque pair of Loewe sunglasses and patent leather boots that ended just below the knee to round things out.

While this seems to be the first time Grande has worn a vintage pull from the French brand, she’s worn plenty of their more current styles in the past.

In a photo dump posted last November, the 30-year-old showed off another Courregès set, this one, designed by the brand’s current creative director Nicolas Di Felice. Instead of light yellow, the long sleeve turtleneck and mini skirt was designed in a baby blue patent leather. Clearly, Grande enjoys a throwback skirt set as much as she does her ponytail hairstyle.