Is Bella Hadid Auditioning to Replace Sporty Spice?

Bella Hadid
Gotham/GC Images

While everyone else has been worried about ditching the sweatpants they’ve been sitting in for the past year and a half for some real-life-approved work clothes, Bella Hadid is making a case for the continuation of quarantine dressing on the streets of New York. The model has heavily embraced the Sporty Spice look over the past week while running errands around the city, promoting her latest business endeavor, and (maybe?) working out.

It all started last Friday when Hadid stepped out in an oversized collared Nike shirt, calf socks, and a pair of bright red Salomon trail runners. With the choice of these sneakers, Hadid officially confirmed that gone are the days of Air Force 1’s and New Balance 550s’ ubiquity. It’s time for “dad” sneakers to firmly take hold.

The attire wasn’t only for show, however. Hadid did stop by her favorite Gotham Gym to see long-time friend and trainer, Rob Piela. It’s unclear if the pair actually fit in a workout, but they did take a pic together in the boxing ring.

Gotham/GC Images

Hadid’s jaunt into athlesiure continued a few days later when the model stepped out again, this time in a look one could actually see working out in. With a green smoothie in hand, Hadid walked the streets in a layered black camisole, some black Alo boy shorts, and a pastel orange sweatshirt draped over her shoulders. She opted to shorten her socks this time to mid-calf length, and finished off the look with some monochrome black sneaks. While it’s unclear if Hadid actually worked out in this particular look, she did take some pics for the ‘Gram.

Gotham/GC Images

Arguably, Hadid’s best look came on Tuesday, when she was photographed walking around in an oversized blue Nike windbreaker set and a pair of black Asics sneakers. The model really amped up the 90s inspiration with her tiny sunglasses and mini braided pigtails as she headed out to promote her beverage company, Kin Euphorics. Once again, Hadid visited her favorite gym, where she stocked up a full fridge with the drink.

Gotham/GC Images

Hadid kept the windbreaker style going for one more day when she was spotted on Wednesday, this time in an all white look of the same ilk. The model went slightly incognito in a yellow baseball hat, mask, and sunglasses, even writing on her Instagram Story, “If you saw me today, you didn’t.” Hadid wore the final sporty look to head to Condé Nast’s offices downtown, but again, it’s unclear if she put the athlesiure to use and actually worked out.

Raymond Hall/GC Images

Who knows, maybe Hadid’s sporty era will continue. It could be a marketing technique for her beverage brand, which she promoted as a pre-workout drink in a recent Instagram post. Or, maybe she’s part of an integrated marketing scheme for the next Spice Girls reunion tour (has Mel C. confirmed participation or will Hadid be taking over as Sporty Spice?). Most likely, Hadid is just like everyone else coming out of months and months of quarantine and she likes to be comfortable every once in a while—workout or no workout. We’ve all been there, who can really blame her?