Beyoncé's Daughters, Blue Ivy and Rumi, are the Stars of the Latest Ivy Park Campaign

Rumi, Beyoncé and Blue Ivy Carter
Courtesy of YouTube

Beyoncé has blessed fans with an early present this holiday season—actually, she gave us two presents, a new collection for Ivy Park, and an ad starring her two rarely seen daughters. The singer just shared a new video showing off Ivy Park x Adidas’ upcoming Halls of Ivy drop, which stars Blue Ivy and Rumi looking as grown up as ever.

The video also features other big names, including basketball player James Harden, Reese Witherspoon’s kids Ava and Deacon Phillippe, and the late Kobe Bryant's daughter Natalia Bryant. Throughout the 90 seconds, the well-dressed models enjoy some time in an estate that looks to the former location of Professor Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. Dressed in houndstooth, neon greens, and body suits of all varieties, Ava, Natalia, and the rest of the cast read books, play ping pong, and lay on plush velvet couches.

There is a lot going on, but it is still impossible to miss the Knowles-Carter girls at the center of the video. At one point the three of them pose together in matching looks, with Beyoncé carrying her youngest daughter, Rumi, on her side. In another shot, Beyoncé and Blue sit on a stairwell with Natalia Bryant, looking like the reincarnation of Destiny’s Child.

Courtesy of YouTube

Halls of Ivy drops on Adidas’ website on December 9th.