Brigitte Bardot’s Best Looks Epitomize French Girl Style

A photo taken on November 28, 1969 shows French actress Brigitte Bardot attending the 24th "Night of...

Born in 1934, Brigitte Bardot initially started off as a dancer, training in ballet before making a quick transition to modeling followed by acting when an Elle cover led to her first audition. By the mid-’50s, Bardot was a bonafide star, known just as much for her looks and style as much as her roles. Her large doe eyes, tousled blonde hair, and larger-than-life smile attracted fans across the world, and contributed to her nickname, “sex kitten.” Throughout this time, she became a style icon as well, known for her signatures: a scarf wrapped around her head, a pleated mini skirt, cropped trousers, and ballet flats. Below, we’re looking back at some of Bardot’s best style moments over more than two decades, from the cinched waist dresses in the ‘50s to her bohemian chic looks in the ‘70s. Who knows, you may find some inspiration for your next “French girl” look.

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The actress went barefoot in a white v-neck dress and woven bag while visiting her favorite place, Saint Tropez, in 1974.

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Never one to shy away from some nudity, Bardot wore a sheer, crystal-embellished canary yellow caftan in her home in 1972.


While celebrating her 38th birthday on the set of Don Juan in Stockholm, Bardot wore a fringed poncho and trousers tucked into leather boots.


The actress wore a patchwork mini dress with a tiered skirt in 1970.


In the ‘70s, Bardot started embracing a more bohemian aesthetic. Here, she’s seen in wide leg pants with a matching jacket, Missoni-esque top, wide belt, and fringe bag.

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Bardot often embraced a more androgynous look, like at the Gala of Union Artists event in 1970 when she embraced a new, cropped hairstyle while wearing a top hat and tux.

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Bardot showed off bangs as well as her mid-section in a cropped leather jacket and matching pants while out with her then boyfriend, Patrick Gilles (who matched in his own leather look), in Paris in 1969.

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The actress opted for a bit of a flapper look at the premiere of her film Shalako in 1968.

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Bardot wore a chic fur look while out in the snow her son, Nicolas.

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Airport runs were a time for Bardot to show off some of her best outfits. In 1968, Bardot donned a leather vest, matching pants, and a ribbed sweater while touching down at Heathrow Airport in London.

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Bardot loved an animal print coat, and she wore this one with knee-high leather boots, a black scarf, and beret when arriving in London with her third husband, Gunter Sachs, in 1967.

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Bardot tried out a different look featuring a ruffled blouse, pants, and a chain belt while out with Sachs in Deauville, France.

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An airport style icon, Bardot arrived in London to film her new movie, Two Weeks in September, wearing a sweater and plaid skirt and jacket set.

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The actress was the picture of ‘60s glamour in a floral chiffon dress at the Gala of Artists' Union event in 1966.

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Bardot topped a slinky dress with a fur coat at the Los Angeles premiere for Viva Maria! in 1965.

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Once again going for a more androgynous aesthetic, Bardot looked especially cool in trousers, a double-breasted coat, lace up flats, and a pageboy hat while waiting for a car at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

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The actress wore a striped, long-sleeve dress during an interview in 1965.

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Bardot waved to fans while boarding a plane for New York in a zebra-print, fur-trimmed jacket and black leather boots in 1965.

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The actress went more casual in flats, cropped trousers, and a black jacket for a quick outing with then-boyfriend, French actor Sami Frey.

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In a look that one could easily on the streets today, Bardot paired a trench coat with knee-high socks and a bow in her hair for a day of shopping with Frey in London in 1963.

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The actress looked especially glamorous in a white gown, fur stole, and tiara at an event in Paris in 1962.

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Bardot wore a tweed skirt and jacket set with a scarf wrapped around her head while walking in Paris with Frey, in 1962.

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While this look is fairly simple, it turned heads when Bardot visited Italy in 1961.

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Bardot wore a fur coat and lace tights in Paris.

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The actress donned a blue gingham dress with a tiered skirt and braided pigtails in 1960.

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Bardot’s second wedding (to French actor Jacques Charrier) was held at her parents’ villa in Louveciennes, France in 1959.

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The actress looked especially chic in a striped shirt dress and scarf wrapped around her head while on a boat in Venice in 1958.

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Bardot wore an a-line dress and matching coat in Venice in 1958.

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Despite leaving divorce court following her split from her first husband, Roger Vadim, Bardot looked happy and stylish in a double-breasted leopard print coat.

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The actress wore a striped turtleneck dress with a long chain necklace in a hotel in London.

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Bardot wore a gorgeous, embroidered evening gown to an event with Queen Elizabeth II and the royal family in 1956.

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Matching her suede tie to her handbag, the actress suited up for photographers in London in 1956.

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Bardot ran along the beach in a black dress with a polka-dot underlay in Cannes in 1956.

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The actress lounged with Pablo Picasso in a floral dress and ballet flats in April 1956.

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Bardot wore an off-the-shoulder lace dress and opera gloves at an event at the Palais de Chaillot in 1955.

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The actress wore a black and white striped dress while dipping her feet in the water in 1955.

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Bardot trained as a ballerina in her youth before becoming a model and eventually an actress.

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In a white ball gown and fur stole at the Cannes Film Festival in April 1953.

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Bardot in 1952 at her first wedding to French director Roger Vadim.