This Jewelry Collection Spotlights an Ancient Symbol of Eternity

by Christina Holevas

Animation by Ashley Peña
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In the world of De Beers diamonds, the perfect amount of time is forever. In 1947, the diamond brand transformed the industry with their iconic “a diamond is forever” campaigns, popularizing the idea of diamonds (and love) that are built to last. De Beers has been the home of diamonds since 1888.

One of its signature collections is its Enchanted Lotus, featuring an instantly recognizable motif of the brand and a nod to both the house’s, and a diamond’s, longevity. The lotus flower is an ancient symbol of eternity and purity—known for blooming in sunlight, retreating into water each night, and re-emerging the next morning. With Enchanted Lotus, De Beers reimagines the everlasting flowers as modern, wearable jewelry.

De Beers launched Enchanted Lotus in 2009 and has reworked and riffed on the motif in recent years. In 2022, actor, fashion darling, and De Beers global ambassador, Lupita N’yongo, starred in the brand’s Where It Begins campaign wearing three new Enchanted Lotus fine jewelry designs. Later in the same year, De Beers introduced convertible high jewelry featuring the Lotus flower. One piece, the Enchanted Lotus necklace, is adorned with 6.64 carats of diamonds and consists of a removable central flower, represented by pear-shaped and round diamonds. The lotus drop can be detached and worn on a fine chain, while the diamond necklace can be worn with or without it, to create two distinctive looks.

In early 2023 De Beers introduced a playful pop to the Enchanted Lotus collection by incorporating colorful enamel in their fine jewelry for the very first time. Pendants and necklaces in 18k rose gold were released in red enamel to celebrate the Chinese New Year, and light pink enamel for Valentine’s Day.

De Beers continued with color this spring, incorporating their signature blue on enamel discs adorning 18k white gold pendants, bracelets, rings, and earrings. Collaborating with the iconic London store Harrods, they did the same in yellow gold and green. And just in time for a mermaidcore summer, De Beers added an iridescent mother of pearl to the mix - a perfect compliment to the natural purity of the enchanted lotus.

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