DJ Realist!c aka Mistervacation Curates Emo Girl Meets Video Vixen Vibes

You may know her as DJ Mistervacation or as one third of the moderators behind the popular meme account Patia’s Fantasy World, but she’s releasing a new song under a new moniker: Realist!c.

Image courtesy of DJ Mistervacation

The DJ who also happens to be one of the three moderators for the popular meme account Patia’s Fantasy World has had one of the busiest years in recent memory—in addition to Instagram curation, she’s also currently in med school. But that doesn’t mean she’s abandoned her nightlife sensibilities. You may already know her by her stage name DJ Mistervacation, but she’s releasing a new song under a new moniker: Realist!c. Called “ExBisexual,” the track diverges from some of the house beats she’s spun at events across the country—from MoMA PS1’s “Warm Up” series and Boiler Room to hosting a six-hour segment on NTS radio—and digs into more early Aughts pop punk vibes, calling to mind a cruise down the Pacific Coast Highway.

Here, the DJ gets into her favorite fashion moments in pop culture, her style icons, and what it’s like to DJ alongside Telfar Clemens and Azealia Banks.

How would you describe the sound of your new song?

Emo girl. The vibe, for me, is 2003. You’re driving by Laguna Beach, overlooking the sea. The type of shit that you would listen to when you get out of high school and you’re rocking with your friends.

Why did you decide to title it “ExBisexual”?

I saw these shirts online, these Christian “pray the gay away” type things. Like, “We’re not gay anymore!” They had ex-homosexual and ex-bisexual shirts. I thought it was so funny. This was my coming out song. I was in Brazil, going through it, thinking about sexuality and my life and how I want to be fulfilled. I was like, okay I’m done pretending to like just men. [Laughs.]

You’ve been a DJ for a long time, while also in med school and running @patiasfantasyworld. But where did the moniker DJ Mistervacation come from?

I was literally always gone. I felt like I didn’t have any real responsibilities. My life was a vacation. I had some serious FOMO for anyone doing anything, so whenever someone was doing an event in this country or city I was like, I’m there! I really like traveling. But I’m releasing this song under a different name—Realist!c, with an exclamation point, like Pan!c at the Disco.

Let’s talk about your style and how you present yourself with fashion. How would you describe your style as a teenager?

When I was a teenager, it was very festival-chic—I just got back from Lollapalooza, indie girl, very annoying Urban Outfitters headbands. It’s the vibe I’m trying to get back to! At this point, I’m done doing all this dress-up. I want a simple American Apparel hoodie, some shorts, and some socks! I feel that vibe coming back. People are making scene music now, so the 2012 look is coming back.

Did you stand out in those looks, or was everyone else around you wearing the same thing?

I stood out at school. I won “best style” or “most unique style” every year. Even though I went to Catholic school, we would have dress-down days sometimes. I was always doing something crazy with my uniform and getting written up. They were like, you can’t wear combat boots! I was like, whatever! I’m not about to wear Sperrys.

What was your first major fashion splurge?

When I was trying to get more into high fashion, I bought this Moschino dress. It was like $350, which, at the time, was so much for me to spend on clothes.

Do you have a favorite fashion moment from pop culture?

I really love Anna Nicole Smith. I just love that sexy-at-whatever-weight, titties pushed up to the chin, waist cinched, classic look. I feel like that transcends every decade.

What’s the oldest piece of clothing or accessory that you have?

I go through clothes so fast, I don’t even know how. I have a bag of clothes I donate every four or five months. But I think my oldest piece of clothing is from the third grade—this David and Goliath t-shirt that says “All About Me.” I used to love that stuff, I thought it was so funny.

What three words would you use to describe your style now?

Loud. All over the place. Fun. I like having something weird on.

Who’s your style icon?

K. D. Aubert. She’s the reason I made my eyebrows thin a long time ago. I like sexy video vixen vibes.

Which friend or designer’s style do you admire the most?

I’m going to go with Ian Isiah. I don’t even know how he has that much stuff, but if you go in his closet, it’s a legitimate archive.

Do you have any fashion regrets?

Probably. I used to look nuts sometimes. [Laughs.] Let me look at my Instagram. I had some freaky Bushwick bangs in 2013. They were so short, and I kept doing them on any hairstyle I had. This one-inch fringe, that was the look at the time. I hate looking back at those photos!

What’s your favorite place to shop?

I’m a Poshmark girl. I feel like those people never know the value of their clothes. They sell them for really cheap and you can barter a little bit.

What’s your style pet peeve?

You know the leftover stuff at the thrift store that’s very ‘80s, with pointed shoulders? Very grandma? I really hate that look. It tries to sneak back!

When you’re on stage, what’s your go-to look? Is there an ensemble that you feel is best to wear when performing or spinning?

I get really hot, so it has to be as skimpy as possible. I try to base it around a wig—my whole look is based around my hair.

Like the Mary J. Blige unit you had a few months back.

Yes! I didn’t even know what I was going to wear until the wig came into play.

You’ve opened for Azealia Banks, performed at MoMA PS1 and with Boiler Room, and collaborated with Telfar Clemens—but what’s been the highlight of your year so far?

Probably when I was in Brazil. I was on a trip with my friends, and I went to shop and go to all of the markets. I found the coolest stuff. It’s so fun! So many different prints and things I had never thought of before. A lot of all white priestess looks. A lot of beaded jewelry, shells, cool spiritual stuff. I was like, whoa I can’t get this anywhere else!

Does the release of your new single mark a new style era for you?

Maybe. Maybe people will want to style me now! I always style myself, and I never pull looks because I never think about it that far ahead. I’ll just buy something. I want to try to have more fun with it, do a cool haircut, spice it up. I thought about if I ever performed the music, how would that look? I would want to have something really obnoxious on.