Dolce & Gabbana’s Rainbow Jewelry Collection Captures the Joy of Summer

by Christina Holevas
Artwork by Patrick Waugh

pA piece of fine jewelry or classic investment timepiece is never just an accessory—there’s always a rich story behind it. In W’s new series Rock Stars, we delve into what makes past, present, and future heirlooms so unique.

Yesterday I woke up at the crack of dawn to the sound of birds chirping outside my open bedroom window. It was a pleasant surprise, considering I live in New York City and, therefore, am significantly more likely to be roused early by a car horn or an ambulance. Encouraged by the prospect of coffee, I left my bed and was greeted by a glowing sunrise, the reflection of which flooded a sea of pink and orange into my living room. I thought to myself, “I should get up early more often!” Then, as the coffee kicked in, I realized that we'd made it to the beginning of summer.

There are quite a lot of good things about the summertime, but I would argue that one of the best things is the color. I’ve been living with a photographer for years, so it’s possible that I’ve been indoctrinated into a natural-light-worshiping cult, but the beauty of the summer sunlight, and the colors it creates, stuns me. When I visualize summer, I see a red evening sky, a brilliant blue sea speckled with glints of gold, and the soft green of the sun shining through a patch of leaves. It’s an alluring, inspiring rainbow.

One could argue that since founding their eponymous fashion brand in 1985, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana have cornered the market on a certain type of summer. While the house certainly gives its customers something to wear all year round, it’s hard to separate the appeal of the D&G name from the seduction and glamour of summers in the mediterranean, especially their native Italy. Fun, sexy, and full of joy, it’s fitting that the house’s most popular fine jewelry collection, the Rainbow family, is an exploration of color and light.

From a fashion perspective, rainbows also evoke a memory of childhood joy. A perfectly appropriate sentiment for a freewheeling summer - filled with picnics, popsicles and of course, Pride month. Dolce & Gabbana’s Rainbow family is a grown-up expression of such youthful whimsy. Created with a combination of sapphire, quartz, topaz, diamond, amethyst, jade, rhodolite, tourmaline and peridot, the collection features a range of delicate jewels in 18k yellow gold, and is a striking example of attention to detail and craftsmanship. A necklace from the collection features 30 gemstones cut in a variety of shapes and settings that contrast one another, while also adding an element of sinuosity. On bracelets and hoop earrings, multi-colored sapphires in rainbow hues span the circumference of pieces with delicate baroque curlicues inspired by the Bourbon period.

These lively and romantic jewels are the perfect things to wear for your summer of love. You can find out more about the Rainbow collection at