Dua Lipa Invited the Whole Cast of Sesame Street on Her Private Jet with Her Latest Look

Dua Lipa Sesame Street Chic

Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street? Apparently via private jet. Dua Lipa took some of the iconic Muppets with her on a recent journey, or at least she took the essence of them. In a recent Instagram post, the singer lounged on a plane in an outfit that will undoubtedly send PETA’s Sesame Street branch into a tailspin, assuming one exists.

“Soft 2 the touch,” Lipa captioned the quad of images, in which she’s wearing a bright red jacket and pants set from Bottega Veneta resort 2022. The silhouette and detailing of the pieces resemble your basic Canadian tuxedo, a doubling up of jeans and a jean jacket, but of course, this is something more. Made completely out of calf hair, assumedly dyed bright red, the look turned Lipa into Elmo’s chic older sister, and one must resist the urge to tickle Lipa at the site of her in this set.

Of course, you can’t have Elmo without Cookie Monster. Luckily, Lipa has it covered, bringing a blue fur-trimmed JW Anderson bag with her on the plane, a piece so new it’s currently unreleased. Assumedly, the purse is filled with cookies, as carrying anything else in such a bag would just seem like a missed opportunity.