Dua Lipa Puts a Sunny Twist on the Moto Jacket Trend With SpongeBob’s Help

dua lipa

What came first, Dua Lipa’s love for SpongeBob Squarepants-themed fashion or GCDS’ collection paying homage to the beloved Nickelodeon show? It’s possibly a more culturally important question than the whole chicken and the egg scenario, and like that one, we will likely never have an answer. Regardless, Lipa’s support of Giuliano Calza’s quirky clothes has resulted in another must-see style moment.

On Thursday, Lipa posted a carousel of photos on Instagram with the nonsensical caption, “lemonlemonlemonpieeeee.” In most of the photos, the singer is wearing a bright yellow set featuring a cropped moto jacket and a mini skirt. In the fifth photo of the post, Lipa showed off the back of the jacket, which featured SpongeBob’s signature face stitched onto it.


Lipa plucked the look off GCDS’ spring/summer 2023 runway, a collection she has shopped from in the past. In fact, compared to the fishnet dress with Patrick Star pasties the singer wore previously, this outfit is pretty tame, though Lipa did spice it up by pairing the set with the brand’s silver, knee-high Morso boots, which feature a jaw-like open heel.


But that wasn’t the only ensemble Lipa showed off in the Instagram post. In other photos, the singer can be seen in a look straight off the Versace fall/winter 2023 runway, a show which Lipa sat front row for just days ago in Los Angeles. Lipa took the 10th look from the collection, a black, strapless corset top featuring the ‘95 Medusa emblem and a pair of belted jeans. In classic Lipa fashion, she styled it almost identically to how it was seen on the model, with black leather gloves, a fur stole, and a padded clutch. The only thing missing was the large Medusa earrings.


These days, Lipa is busy working on her third album, which is assumed to come out by the end of the year. Of course, a promotional tour for DL3 will likely mean we get to see a lot more of Lipa on red carpets and out and about, and if her recent looks are any indication, we should prepare for a promo cycle featuring whole lot of SpongeBob looks with just a sprinkle of Versace.

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