Emerald Jewelry Is Having a Moment

by Christina Holevas

If diamonds are considered a girl's best friend, emeralds are more like the elusive, cool girl at the party, collecting whispers as she walks by. One of the “big three” of precious gemstones (along with rubies and sapphires) the green-hued emerald is actually one of the most exceptional gems on earth, and even more rare than a diamond.

Emeralds, with their rich color that’s said to symbolize growth, fertility, and new beginnings, were formed millions of years ago. They are incredibly scarce due to the unique set of circumstances and minerals required to create them. Depending on the levels of chromium, vanadium, and iron present in an emerald, the color can vary from light, aquamarine blue, to a vivid, bright green. The greens are the most prized and valuable.

The green giant of the gem world has enticed people for hundreds of years. Cleopatra, a known jewelry fanatic, was so bewitched by the gems that the first emerald mines in Egypt were named after her. It’s said that her favored subjects were presented with carved emeralds bearing her likeness. Moses and early Christians also treasured emeralds in equal measure, though their reasoning went beyond beauty and into the otherworldly - they believed the stones could aid in foretelling the future or curing demonic possession. These days, the passion for emerald jewelry may be more down-to-earth, but it hasn’t gone away. Megan Fox joined the emerald club, which already counted Jackie O. and Victoria Beckham among its ranks, in 2021 with her engagement ring from Machine Gun Kelly.

I’ve had emeralds on the brain more recently since viewing the latest pieces from Gemfields, a world-leading miner of responsibly sourced colored gemstones. Underlying all that Gemfields does is the strong belief that colored gemstones should benefit the communities from which they are discovered, and they have worked extensively to modernize the sector and make that conviction a reality.

In collaboration with the Mumbai born and educated designer, Bina Goenka, they have created three extraordinary emerald pieces. Goenka initially trained as a lawyer before following her passion for design and growing her atelier over the last 15 years. She is completely self-taught and her free and unconventional spirit is ever-present in her designs. Clients look to Goenka for the bold and unexpected. She has been collaborating with Gemfields on exceptional jewelry since 2014. Her emerald pieces, two pairs of drop earrings and a cuff bracelet, are as exquisite as one would imagine. Through her designs, the rich, green hue of the emerald takes an unexpected form.

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