Five (more) minutes with Alexander Wang

We learned so much about Alexander Wang in the course of interviewing him for his profile in the September issue we couldn't fit it all into the story. Our first interview took place over summer...


… on his recent CFDA win The funny thing is, everyone in my office was emailing and texting me after the win. I thought, how did they find out already? They were on WWD’s Twitter! People in my office told my brother. My brother told my mom [in Shanghai]. My mom called me. Word got around very quickly, even before I got out. But I had learned my lesson from the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund awards—I turned off my phone. Because that time, I forgot to turn it off and it rang while Charlize Theron was presenting an award.

… on the early years I had appointments in my apartment. I’d be putting things on my bed to show the buyers. I remember telling my mom I could put a curtain in the middle so one side could be my showroom and the other side, my living space.

… on the Nineties Marc Jacobs and Tom Ford would always talk about how they’re Seventies kids. And now, I’m thinking about how I’m really a Nineties kid. My ideas come from things that I didn’t notice were trends at the time, like seeing my sister wear Via Spiga and watching Saved by the Bell.

… on Marc Jacobs I never really got to talk to Marc when I was interning [for him]. I’d, like, close my eyes when I walked past the design room. But he’s someone whose career I really watched. The thing about his collections is that there’s always this very identifiable statement each season, but you can go in the store and actually wear [the clothes]. That’s the feeling I like, to get inspired by something and then actually have it applicable to my life. ____

… on his accessories’ names The shoes are named after models — Lara, Hanne, Racquel — but the bags are named after TV show characters. We have the Brenda and Kelly [90210], the Dorothy shopper [The Golden Girls] and the Trudy [Miami Vice]. They’re all the shows that used to be on TV when I was growing up.

… on his wardrobe as a child My mom would put me in these preppy little suits and slick my hair to the side. I have these baby pictures of me where I’m this little preppy kid with a sweater tied around my neck.

… on his own closet now It’s, like, a white t-shirt drawer, black jean drawer and sweatshirt drawer. And I have a couple of blazers and dress shirts for when I have to go to black-tie events.

… on his first fashion credit In high school, I made a little denim skirt for [classmate] Victoria Traina and she was photographed by W in it. Because her dad has that cowboy party in Napa that you guys always cover. It was my first piece of press!

… on what his fragrance would smell like I have no idea. Sweat?

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Photo: Scott Rudd