12 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas Based on Your Loved One’s Zodiac Sign

It’s okay, we know you and your friends obsess over your horoscopes. Whether you check in monthly to W‘s very own Astro Poets to see what the stars have in store for you, or if you’re more of a Susan Miller devotee, chances are you take it all very seriously. We do, too—and that is why just in time for Valentine’s Day, W has curated an ultimate gift guide for your best friends, your significant other, or anyone in your life who actually knows their rising sign based on the zodiac. Check out all the very best offerings, here.


These Givenchy earrings are super chic, even if don’t count yourself as a Libra. Perhaps the coolest interpretation of this sign’s scales we’ve ever seen.

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Amethysts are Scorpio signs’ talismanic stone. While Jacquie Aiche is known for designing some of the best charm and talisman jewelry, for a change, gift her Gypsy Mist in amethyst for protection and tranquility.

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Pisces, the most humble of the zodiac signs, is not flashy but she still loves her gold and diamonds.

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Virgos are known to be perfectionists, a title they enjoy. Help them keep organized this Valentine’s Day, with these charming mini notebooks.

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Aquarians are beloved for their generosity. This Valentine’s Day, be generous towards the Aquarian in your life with this signet constellation ring hybrid. She’ll cherish it for years to come.

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Geminis are some of the most crafty and creative in the zodiac, and they love working with their hands. This Valentine’s Day gift her an embroidery of her star sign, a nice addition to her home decor.

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Crabs hold on tight to what they love. Make that even easier for the Cancer in your life with this gorgeous hand-painted watercolor trinket dish.

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Leos are loyal and dedicated friends, but they also love a bit of flash and glam. This Valentine’s Day, gift the Leo in your life a zodiac pendant, complete with a sparkling diamond.

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Each Zodiac sign has an array of gemstones and crystals that could be considered lucky or are determined by the sign’s ruling planets. This Valentine’s day, gift your bestie a Soap Rock. If she is a Taurus (who are known in particular to love a bath), she’ll love the Jade which is supposed to help her find balance amongst the chaos.

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Curious and a constant traveler, Sagittarius women have a unique sense of self – and a unique sense of what they like to wear. These distinct star sign earrings will make a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day.

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The Aries is known for being extremely versatile. Gift her this charming abstract interpretation of her star sign this Valentine’s Day. This subtle charm necklace will go with whatever outfit and adventure she has planned for the day.

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Brooke Gregson’s diamond constellation is perfect for the Capricorn, who are known for having the best work ethic out of all the zodiac. Gift the Capricorn in your life this pendant necklace, but don’t be surprised if she has gotten it for herself first.

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