Gigi Hadid and Baby Khai Match in Isabel Marant

Photo: @gigihadid.

What did you wear when you were a baby? If you’re like us, your caretakers decked you out in baby gear that served exactly one purpose: it was easily cleanable. When your mom is Gigi Hadid, however, you get to wear Versace before you’re a year old, because why wait until you outgrow infantile amnesia to rock the freshest fits? Hadid just posted a photo on Instagram of herself and baby Khai matching in their latest joint luxury fashion statement.

In the image, Hadid is holding Khai, and both are wearing matching pieces from Isabel Marant. Hadid is wearing a cotton and linen jumpsuit, splashed with hearts and the word “love,” printed in shades of pink, blue, and lavender. Baby Khai is wearing a long-sleeved top in the same print; for this collection, Marant collaborated with artist Amber Goldhammer to bring her signature spray-painted hearts to life. Khai’s shirt isn’t available online, but the rules often don’t apply when you’re a Hadid.

For her first Mother’s Day, Hadid called Khai her “best friend, purpose, muse, greatest pride & joy.” It seems that Hadid’s style sense is jolted by having Khai around to dress up in the most adorably covetable looks.