Harry Winston’s Latest High Jewelry Collection Is All About Love

A necklace with transparent, red, yellow and pink diamonds by Harry Winston

A piece of fine jewelry or classic investment timepiece is never just an accessory—there’s always a rich story behind it. In W’s new series Rock Stars, we delve into what makes past, present, and future heirlooms so unique.

After having spent the better part of a decade working as an accessories editor, I’ve observed that when it comes to jewelry, there are two types of people. There are those who simply wear jewelry and then there are jewelry people. You might know the types I’m talking about. Jewelry obsessives are easy to spot (perhaps they’re a bit shinier than the rest of us). Elizabeth Taylor comes to mind. She literally wrote the book on jewelry. (Seriously, it’s called My Love Affair with Jewelry). So does my mother. While she has a significantly smaller budget than Ms. Taylor, she is known amongst friends for the ever-growing collections of bracelets that have accumulated on each of her wrists.

I find that jewelry, in particular, invokes a passion among its collectors that is unrivaled elsewhere in the fashion world. Although jewelry covers just the smallest percentage of space on our bodies, many people say they feel naked without it. Perhaps that’s because, to those who value it, jewelry is so inextricably tied with love.

Throughout history, many have honored the phases of love, from lust to courtship to a lifelong bond, with jewelry. The aforementioned Elizabeth Taylor, of course, obtained much of her formidable collection from her various paramours. That expression of pure and complex love through jewelry was what the house of Harry Winston had in mind when they created their newest collection. Aptly titled Winston with Love, the four-part offering examines passion through four stages.

Avoiding the pitfalls of saccharine sentimentalism, the Winston approach to love is modern and dynamic, illustrated through complex craftsmanship and rare stones, and steering clear of obvious gimmicks. The collection begins with “Light.” This chapter, like the initial spark of a new relationship, is luminous and bursting with vibrant stones in orange, blue, and yellow.

Chapter two explores infatuation, or what the house describes as passionate “Obsession,” through transfixing spirals, and deep dark gems. The third chapter of the collection, “Vow” is romantic yet contemporary. Stunning rubies sit on mismatched heart earrings and elegant floating pendants.

The standout piece of the final chapter, “Eternal” is the Endless Love suite, adapted from an archival Winston design, pairing diamonds and rubies in a twist motif. The collection, which is comprised of 39 pieces in total, was entirely made by hand.

The best kind of jewelry, like the best kind of love affair, is fascinating and unique. And in some cases, it’s worth obsessing over.

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