Iris Law Wears a Lion-Covered Vintage Look During Paris Fashion Week

Iris Law in Vintage Roberto Cavalli
Instagram/@ lirisaw

It’s possible Iris Law does not own any clothing made in this decade. Despite being just 21, the model is rarely, if ever, seen wearing anything made after the year 2003. Of course, this does leave her with a lot of options. Y2K trends are continuing their takeover of 2020s fashion, so why not just pull from the original time period when they were originally in style? That’s what Law and her stylist, Christelle McCracken of My Runway Archive, have been doing, and so far, it hasn’t led them astray.

On Monday, Law was seen on the streets of Paris in an eccentric look made up almost entirely of pieces from Roberto Cavalli’s spring 2002 ready-to-wear show. The model wore a column skirt featuring a lion printed across the thigh before it ends in an asymmetric mermaid shape with a handkerchief hem. On the top she opted for a tight-fitted collared jacket in a similar brown, yellow, and blue color scheme, with that same tiger face starring at you from her back.

It is clear that Law is a loyal fan of Cavalli’s early 2000s work, as she tends to wear pieces from the brand and era quite a bit. For her 21st birthday, last year, Law opted for a beaded mini from the Italian brand’s spring/summer 2000 collection. The model’s vintage style isn’t only regulated to Cavalli, however. Just last week she stepped out in a 19-year-old Versace dress, one worn by Beyoncé in 2003. Law’s never-ending parade of original Y2K looks is courtesy of Gibbons, who has a large designer archive from which one can rent and buy. Notably, most of her pieces are from the early 2000s, and Cavalli is heavily represented, meaning don’t expect an end to Law’s vintage looks anytime soon.

Courtesy of Roberto Cavalli
Courtesy of Roberto Cavalli