A Visual Guide to Jacob Elordi’s Sprawling Designer Bag Collection

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Though stars like Hailey Bieber and Jennifer Lopez have established roladex-like collections of it-bags, their male counterparts have been much slower on the take. That is, until a certain Jacob Elordi started wearing selections of fashion’s most coveted handbags a few years ago. The actor has taken a particular liking to Bottega Veneta’s “Andiamo” bag, which caused quite a frenzy (in a good way) when he sported it around Los Angeles. And when he was spotted wearing a crossbody Chanel bag while posing with Sofia Coppola, one twitter user aptly said, “Why doesn't every man carry around a little Chanel bag?”

In addition to Bottega and Chanel, his collection also includes picks from Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Burberry, and Valentino—all in varying shapes and sizes, from micro-mini to extremely oversized. Of course, men, especially queer men, have been wearing various iterations of bags since, well, forever. However, it is refreshing to see one of Hollywood’s heartthrobs nixing the idea that men’s fashion is limited to baggy suits and stuffing essentials into your pockets—and at an impressive 6’5”, he carries the pieces with a certain je nais sais quoi. Below, an extensive look at Jacob Elordi’s bag collection.


Certain men may opt for a duffle bag that’s been collecting dust or some sort of oblong backpack while traveling—clearly, not Elordi, as he was seen carrying an off-the-runway Louis Vuitton yellow bag when he touched down for the 2023 Venice Film Festival.


In a very Sofia Coppola meets the Milan runways move, Elordi sported a tote from Bottega Veneta’s collaboration with New York bookstore The Strand.

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While the actor may prefer a roomy tote on most occasions, he kept with the crossbody style to attend Bottega Veneta’s runway show—fittingly, he wore a brown leather version of the brand’s highly coveted padded cassette bag.

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Elordi’s Celine messenger bag is probably one of the more logo-heavy picks from his collection.

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We are certainly wondering what Elordi kept inside this extremely tiny Valentino Locò bag.

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One of Elordi’s first bag outings came in 2020 when he wore a small Burberry crossbody to the brand’s fashion show. Little did we know then the heights his collection would hit!


Kylie Jenner may been an original proponent of Bottega Veneta’s Andiamo bag, but Elordi made a convincing case for the accessory during a stroll in Los Angeles.

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We can totally hear Carrie Bradshaw snarking in the background, “It’s not a bag, it’s a baguette,” when Elordi donned this Fendi crossbody back in 2020.

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This Patagonia fanny pack may be the least luxe of the bunch, but still proves that Elordi does not like storing things in his pockets.

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New Yorkers are known for carrying extremely large totes, so it’s rather fitting that Elordi chose this Celine one while visiting the Big Apple.