A Comprehensive Look at Hailey Bieber’s Bottega Veneta Clutch Collection

Hailey Bieber wears three colors of Bottega Veneta clutches
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Unlike Jennifer Lopez or Kim Kardashian, Hailey Bieber is not a dedicated Birkin girl. Instead, it seems you’re far more likely to find Bieber at the Bottega Veneta boutique. While the model is a fan of the Italian brand’s accessories, she’s taking a special liking to their padded leather clutches (officially known as “The Pouch”), so much so that she owns the piece in nearly a dozen colors and sizes. The style star has been seen sporting her clutch collection in a variety of settings—from the streets of Paris and Los Angeles to afternoon pilates classes and casual lunch outings. She, more often than not, gravitates towards the larger sized clutch, but isn’t afraid to mix in the micro-mini crossbody style too. Below, a look back at Hailey Bieber’s impressive Bottega Veneta leather clutch collection.

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Bieber first started wearing the accessory circa late 2019 right as it took off in popularity (you wouldn’t expect her to be late to sporting a trending it-bag, right?) For a stroll around Los Angeles, she went with a black mini version that she styled crossbody. And in a further nod to former creative director Daniel Lee’s signatures at the Italian brand, she threw in a bit of “Bottega Green” with a leather trench coat.

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After trying the mini size out, Bieber began to gravitate towards the larger style in coming years. Here, she was spotted in 2021 with a deep purple iteration while in Paris.


Bieber has made a habit of matching the Bottega piece with one (or a few) items in the rest of her outfit—like in 2023 when she matched a satin Prada top with a neon green bag. Why have one when you can have them all?

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In a very Princess Diana move, the model paired her tiny shorts-big sweatshirt combination with a new neon orange iteration for a 2023 date night.

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In 2021, Bieber pulled out another Bottega pouch, but unlike her previous bunch, this one was designed in the brand’s signature weaved leather. And yes, the light blue color of the accessory matched perfectly with her sparkly heels.

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Like her mini black version, this tiny off-white crossbody made the perfect piece to style an outfit around. The jury is still out on what can actually fit inside, though.

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While she might’ve been keeping a low-profile back during the height of COVID times, Bieber’s olive green clutch added a pop of color to her otherwise neutral athleisure look.

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In 2020, Bieber spiced up her clutch collection with a black and white zebra print version.


Shortly after, the model brought out another woven clutch in a cream color. It perfectly matched her pantless look, which consisted of a leather blazer and strappy heels.