Jodie Turner-Smith’s Chiffon Suit Will Have You Craving Sherbet

Jodie Turner-Smith is seen ahead of the 79th Venice International Film Festival on August 30, 2022 i...
Photopix/GC Images/Getty Images

The Venice Film Festival hasn’t even officially started yet, but already we’re getting a parade of A+ looks as celebrities touch down in the Italian city for a week of cinematic premieres and events. Tessa Thompson arrived in a look that basically redefined summer layering, and now Jodie Turner-Smith is there looking like a walking ad campaign in her picture perfect ensemble.

The actress arrived on Tuesday morning, and immediately had us craving a scoop of sherbet in a sheer chiffon suit from Casablanca’s spring 2022 ready-to-wear collection. The jacket starts with a delicious pink hue at the top, continuing down the slightly-scalloped lapels before turning into a yellow, and eventually subtle blue-green at the bottom, with the pants mimicking the same tone. Turner-Smith then accessorized with yellow strappy Jimmy Choo heels and layers of chain necklaces. For bags, Turner-Smith doubled up on Gucci to carry her travel supplies, carrying the Attache shoulder bag with an orange strap on one arm, and an Ophidia duffle bag in the other. It was the oversized red sunglasses—also Gucci—that pulled the whole look together.

Photopix/GC Images/Getty Images

As a reminder, no that photo above isn’t a Gucci or Casablanca ad, just Turner-Smith caught candidly on camera. If that photo isn’t enough to convince every design house ever to hire the actress immediately, I don’t know what will. And, lucky for us, Turner-Smith is just getting started in Venice. The actress will join Adam Driver, Greta Gerwig, and the rest of the cast of Noah Baumbach’s White Noise when it premieres at the festival on Wednesday night. This is the first time a Netflix film has ever opened the festival, so its a big night for the cast and crew, and we expect Turner-Smith to dress for the occasion.

Courtesy of Casablanca