Julia Fox Embraces the Mini Skirt Trend While Out in Milan

Julia Fox is seen in Milan during the Milan Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2022
Victor Boyko/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It’s fairly chilly in Milan today—about 55 degrees with no sun to help warm you up—but you wouldn’t be able to tell from the fashion week show-goers. They’re putting style ahead of comfort, braving the chill because a jacket ruins their look, or they want to show off their new sleeveless dress. Case in point: Julia Fox, who stepped out in Milan today in a mini skirt, with nothing but knee-high boots to keep her legs warm.

The actress embraced the continuing mini skirt trend in a black leather piece Paris Hilton would be exceedingly proud of. Mini skirts have been on the top of fashion’s mind since the spring/summer 2022 runway shows, when the now-ubiquitous Miu Miu sets were first put on display. Now, the fall/winter 2022 collections are proving the trend is here to stay.

Fox paired her skirt with a red leather top, which she covered up with a long black trench. The highlight of this color-blocked look, though, is the accessories. Playing on the devilish color scheme, Fox opted to wear the suede UGG x TS Fatale Boots, a soon-to-be released design from the footwear brand’s collaboration with artist Tschabalala Self. On top, Fox adopted a trend much-loved by her now-ex, Kanye West—the face covering. The podcast host covered her head in a red knit balaclava-esque piece from the Milan-based brand, Crusade.

It seems this fashion week, Fox is really embracing primary colors, this red look coming after Fox wore all yellow to the Diesel show earlier this week. The bright hues are welcomed, especially after West kept Fox mostly in black during their brief relationship. Similarly, the usually more-muted Kim Kardashian has been experimenting with color lately, wearing green, blue, and caramel while in Milan, proving that after weathering some storms, one can see a rainbow.