Julia Fox’s Red Face Piece Matched Her Chaps-Inspired Pouf Dress

FLORENCE, ITALY - JUNE 14: Julia Fox attends the photocall during LuisaViaRoma & British Vogue – Run...
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Many have tried taking a page from the Julia Fox school of statement-making red carpet dressing. Few have succeeded. Not many can concoct looks similar to what the 33-year-old wears on the regular. On Wednesday, she added another chapter to her “expect-the-unexpected” carpet repertoire in Florence, Italy.

Fox attended the British Vogue and LuisaViaRoma event in a red sequined dress. The sleeveless number was complete with a pouf at the waist that flowed into a sculptural cape-like mechanism at the back. Of course, it wouldn't be a Fox ensemble without a hidden surprise.

When she turned to the back, the pouf led to a cut-out that revealed a red thong made in the same fabric as her dress. The chaps obsession has, of course, been adapted by many celebrities both on and off the carpet. Fox’s dress is notable as it’s one of the few times we’ve seen the butt-barring fad adapted to the dress (usually, it’s reserved for trousers or shorts). The intricacies of Fox’s look didn't stop there, though.

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While many would let a dress that risqué be the focal point of the ensemble, Fox had other ideas. The actress’ crimson palette continued with a red lip, smudged eyeshadow, and seemingly, an insect-like face piece meant to mimic the look of a scorpion.

Fox’s signature thin brows were partially obscured by the sprawling piece, which extended to her cheeks and the majority of her forehead. Fox did remove the special effects-like piece (designed by artist Olia Svetlanova), though, after walking on the red carpet. But still, she seems to have taken a liking to jelly-like creations and the pouf-silhouette lately.

At Cannes last month, Fox donned a breastplate and a similar billowing skirt to her red one for another red carpet. Her transparent bodice mimicked the appearance of melting ice while her skirt, naturally, was made of bed sheets.

The actress then chose another unorthodox look while in Paris late last month. Her sheer mini dress by Joanna Prażmo was designed to mimic the look of human hair. Her shoes also followed theme as they were meant to imitate melting rubber. Clearly, Fox is of the mind that anything can be fashioned into red carpet wear.

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