Kathryn Newton Adds a Bit of Sparkle to the School Girl Trend

Kathryn Newton attends the Marvel Cinematic Universe press line
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you spotted Kathryn Newton at Comic-Con over the weekend, where she was promoting her role in the upcoming Ant Man film, you may have noted her cropped top and itty bitty mini skirt and thought to yourself, “Ah, another Miu Miu mini set.” Well, you would be wrong. In reality, the actress’ ab-baring look featured the triangle emblem of Miu Miu’s sister brand, Prada, proving no one is safe from the low-rise movement.

On Saturday, Newton celebrated her induction into the Marvel Cinematic Universe wearing a crystal-embellished set from the Italian fashion house. Her sheer, pleated skirt hung low on her hips, a leather buckle on the side keeping it in place. A matching bralette-style top featuring a deep-v neckline was layered a top a cropped, poplin button-down with two panels of lace down the front. Newton wore her hair in a ponytail, adding to the ensemble’s school girl nature that’s so popular among celebrities at the moment.

Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

But while the outfit is purely Prada, one can’t help but compare it to the looks Miuccia Prada sent down the runway during her spring 2022 presentation last fall. Considering both Miu Miu and Prada share a creative director in Miuccia, it seems inevitable that there will be some crossover between the two. Miu Miu is often thought of as the little sister of Prada, a little more carefree. When asked to describe the difference between the two brands back in 2015, Miuccia attributed much of the divergence to her design process.

“Designing for me is a very complex process,” she told System Magazine.“There are many ideas that I want to express in one object, very often contradictory. The creative process in Miu Miu is completely different from that of Prada. Rather than being young, Miu Miu is immediate. Prada is very sophisticated and considered; Miu Miu is much more naïve. The solution, when I am working on Miu Miu, has to come immediately, instinctively, spontaneously with whatever is available at the moment. If I think three times, I stop.”

Of course, the lines get blurred, and you throw the Prada co-creative director Raf Simmons into the mix, and that just obscures them even more. It’s possible this look in particular is a Miuccia design, and she’s championing the low-rise mini across brands. But no matter who puts their name on it, there’s no denying it’s a good look.