Kim Kardashian Takes The Experimental Knitwear Trend to Tropical Extremes

Kim Kardashian posing in a knit beach outfit
via @KimKardashian/Instagram

Single folks, Kim Kardashian is one of us. Fresh off her filing for divorce from Kanye West, she’s partaking in the time-honored tradition of heading off to Miami and posting thirst traps. Though in lieu of neon lycra, Kardashian has taken the knitwear trend to tropical extremes. On Instagram, she posed in a custom curve-baring dress from Central Saint Martins student Namita Khade. If you look closely, there are actually freshwater pearls attached to the dress. So Kim has no need to worry about losing any precious stones on vacation this time around.

“It’s not for you to understand,” Kardashian helpfully wrote on Instagram. We don’t need to understand anything except that Kardashian looks staggeringly gorgeous in these photos — she’s also not wearing a face of makeup, so her natural beauty shines through (not that she’s any less beautiful with her fully contoured look!) in a unique way. Her outfit is so impeccably tailored that it looks as though it was knit directly on her body. Here’s proof knitwear can be worn all seasons if the pieces are, well, tiny enough to keep you cool in hot weather.

Meanwhile, Kardashian is enjoying the single life by hanging out with Michèle Lamy, being a perfect mom and aunt, and saying goodbye to reality TV with the last season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. If this outfit is any indication, we are so here for this next phase of Kardashian’s life.