Kylie Jenner Launches Her Own, Affordable Fashion Brand, Khy

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Kylie Jenner looked at the current line-up of creative directors at major luxury houses at the moment and said, “OK, if no one is going to support female designers, I’ll have to take matters into my own hands.” Yup, the reality star and beauty mogul is adding creative director to her resume with the launch of her own high fashion line, Khy.

Last week, Jenner took to Instagram to share an image of her sitting on a carpeted floor in a black faux-leather trench coat and red hot Ferragamo pumps. “Meet khy,” read the caption, with a new Instagram account for “Khy” tagged in the photo. A click on that account revealed another photo of Jenner in the same coat with her back to the camera and the caption, “coming soon.” That time is now,


It’s not so farfetched to think that Jenner wants to dip her toe in the world of retail. She has been moving around the fashion industry for quite awhile, sitting front row, promoting up and coming designers, and wearing pieces from some of the biggest names in luxury. Likely, Jenner also got some advice from her sisters, Kim and Khloé Kardashian, who both run their own respective clothing brands, though Khy already seems like it’s going to serve a much different purpose than either Skims or Good American. That being said, Jenner is working with Popular Culture’s Jens and Emma Grede (the power couple who are also behind Skims and Good American) to launch a higher-end “quiet luxury” inspired line, along with her mother, Kris Jenner, as well.

The choice of the black trench as her hero piece suggests an edgy, cool aesthetic, and we expect pieces we’ve come to associate with Jenner, like body hugging dresses and chic sets. “The whole line is really inspired by my personal wardrobe, and the different moods that I’m in,” Jenner told WSJ. Magazine, and clearly she is happy with the results, as she’s already been secretly wearing pieces from the line, breaking out a strapless, faux leather mini dress for Kim’s birthday last week.


Below, we’ve compiled all the info we know about the brand so far, including how much it will cost, where to buy it, and when it will become available.

Who else will Jenner be working with on Khy?

The Jenners and Gredes aren’t the only ones who will be consulting on Khy. The line will “feature different guest designers and concepts throughout the year,” according to WSJ. As of now, though, it’s unclear who exactly will saddle up with Kylie on this specific venture, though we do have some ideas. Jenner has quite a few friends in high places, and one could easily imagine her calling up Haider Ackermann to help out, or asking Jonny Johansson after her last shoot with Acne Studios. The first drop, though, will feature a slightly more unexpected collaboration, with the design duo Nan Li and Emilia Pfohl of Namilia, an edgy, Berlin-based brand—a fitting choice considering the faux leather-heavy nature of Khy’s first collection.


What kind of products will Khy offer?

Khy’s first drop features 13 pieces, many rendered in faux-leather like the trench and mini dress we’ve already seen. In addition, Khy will offer a mid-length dress, seen on Kendall Jenner, as well as a long-sleeved, zip-up dress. There’s also an open back halter top, leggings, boot cut moto-style pants, and a cropped hooded jacket in the first release. The leather pieces are rounded out with a pair of moto-style gloves. Then, there are an additional three “base-layer” pieces for sale—a pair of leggings, a cropped tee, and a mock-neck long sleeve.

How Much Will Khy Cost?

Jenner told WSJ. that Khy will offer “investment pieces at an affordable price point,” and because of that, nothing will exceed $200. The faux-leather mini, specifically, will retail for $98, while a pair of black gloves are priced at $48. The trench Jenner used to introduce Khy to the world, meanwhile, will be the most expensive piece in the first drop at $198.

What is the size range for Khy?

The pieces in Jenner’s collection will range in size from XXS to 4X.

Courtesy of Khy

When Does Khy Launch?

Khy’s first drop officially launched on November 1st. No word on when to expect the next, however. Though the brand promises more is on its way “soon.”

Where Can You Buy Khy?

Skims and Good American were first available solely online through their own websites before expanding to selective other channels. Similarly, Jenner’s first collection will be available at, so it seems like she is adopting the same strategy as her sisters.

What does “Khy” even mean?

Simple, it’s a play on Jenner’s nickname, Ky. She added an “h” to the name to “symbolize destiny, good fortune, and spirituality,” according to the brand’s press release.

What does Khy mean for Kylie’s other fashion ventures?

In case you forgot (because the Jenners have tried to bury it), Kylie’s lower price co-label Kendall + Kylie still exists, and is sold through mall chain Pac Sun, though its future may be in question. There was also Jenner’s failed attempt at entering the swim market with Kylie Swim. Jenner first launched the line of swimwear in September 2021, and was immediately criticized for the products’ poor quality. The brand’s Instagram stopped posting only a month later, but picked up again in March 2022, only to cease operations three months after that. It seems likely that she has completely moved on from an attempt at revitalizing Kylie Swim in order to focus her efforts on Khy.

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