Kylie Jenner is Redefining Swimwear

Kylie Jenner wearing a white bathing suit

It might be the middle of winter, but Kylie Jenner can’t seem to get out of a bathing suit. The reality star has been flaunting her bikinis all over Instagram, showing off an impressive range from a simple black two-piece to a vintage Chanel number. Her latest swim look, though, is something else entirely, so glam, no one would blink twice if she wore it out to the club.

On Sunday, Jenner shared a carousel of images on Instagram featuring an array of interesting looks. In a mirror selfie, the Kylie Cosmetics owner wore a black latex corset from London-based brand Atsuko Kudo. In another shot, she opted for a look courtesy of Tom Ford’s days at Gucci, wearing a backless, high neck top from 1999 sourced from The Reallist, and spring 2001 red silk embroidered nylon pants she got from One of a Kind Archive. A third photo showed off Jenner in a white sequin gown with a necklace decorated with two cherries.


Clearly, Jenner is on a sequin kick, because in another photo, the model can be seen in a second sequin dress. This one was long sleeved and made of translucent sequins, meaning the whole piece was completely see-through. So, Jenner opted to wear a white swimsuit underneath, a one piece with the entire mid-section cutout. Effectively, that makes the dress on top a cover-up, but if that’s the case, we’ve never seen beachwear quite like this before. In fact, if Jenner chose to wore this look for a night on the town, it would be totally believable. Really, the perfect place for this look is dinner on a beach vacation, and there’s a very good chance that’s exactly where she wore it, as the reality star recently returned from a trip to Turks and Caicos.


Jenner’s display of photos come as breakup rumors continue to surround her and Travis Scott. According to Us Weekly, the ended things ahead of the holidays, and spent the end of the year apart. “This has happened so many times before, they’re known to be on again off again, but always remain friends and great coparents,” a source told the site. Clearly, Jenner isn’t afraid to live her best single life, and to do so with an added bit of sequined sparkle.