Lauren Hutton and Tracee Ellis Ross Are a Bottega Veneta Power Couple

Tracee Ellis Ross and Lauren Hutton
Photo by Craig Barritt via Getty Images

When it comes to Bottega Veneta’s seemingly ubiquitous leather clutches, no one has a history with the accessory like Lauren Hutton. The famously gap-toothed supermodel had one tucked under her arm all throughout the 1980 film American Gigolo, making for such a moment that nearly four decades later, it inspired former creative director Daniel Lee to create the “It” bag that led to the house’s renaissance. These days, Hutton’s allegiance to the house’s leatherwear is still going strong. It would have been notable enough for the now 78-year-old to make a rare appearance with another in tow on Thursday night, but on top of that, she was joined by another who’s been known to enjoy a Bottega moment: Tracee Ellis Ross.

In a testament to Hutton’s impact, Ross was among quite a few to tote the so-called “Pouch” that Hutton inspired. She went with a caramel version, making for some variety in what was otherwise a very Christmas-y ensemble: a cherry red sequined dress and a kiwi-colored version of Bottega’s cult puddle boots. Hutton also went with statement shoes, though in the presence of Ross’s, her bulky stomper boots were relatively low-key. She paired them with culottes and a structured black blazer that offered a glimpse at a top in the shade of what’s come to be known as “Bottega green.” (Lee was notably fond of the color during his tenure, which shocked the fashion world by coming to an abrupt end last month.)

Lauren Hutton attends the Bottega Veneta Soho store opening in New York City on December 9, 2021.

Photo by Craig Barritt via Getty Images

At some point in the evening, Ross joined her in embracing the shade. The photoshoot she posted on Instagram is proof that every so often, a sartorial nod to Christmas can be chic.